Mach 1 Please post pics with different style wings..

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 98 Saleen Cobra, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hey I'm about ready to purchase a Mach 1 and it doesn't have a spoiler/wing. I was wondering if there is anyone who has a different style wing besides the stock. That would be great thank you!!
  2. Anything else on a Mach would look terrible. Just have what it is suppose to have put back on it. Also, if its previous owner did that to it I'd wonder what else they have done to it.
  3. +1000! ^^^^
  4. No he didn't do it to it. I guess it was an option to have it deleted. The car is modified. Wheels, lowered, clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, some suspension and what not. It's pretty awesome. Anyways I'll take your word for it. I'll just put the stock wing back on. thank for the help..
  5. Their was no option for '03-'04 Mach's to have anything deleted. Two options: Automatic or 5 speed, and the optional IUP package.
  6. OH ok, well thanks for that info. I'm new to Mach 1s, but not to mustangs as you can tell. Any other info would be great. I heard that the 5 speed motors have a forged crank, but GT pistons and rods. Also how much power can the motor handle before it goes caboom?? Any info would be great. Thank you
  7. I guess my 03 cobra wing looks horrible then?? I liked the way the stock spoiler was painted black, but I didnt care for the shape of the spoiler.





  8. Thanks for the reply!! Your car is awesome. Does anyone know the capablitites of these cars, and what bolt-ons will get me the max power out of the motor??
  9. Thanks!!!!:D I havent done many power mods, but I know a good open exhaust & intake do wonders. Longtubes, off road midpipe, cams, intake spacer, tune, work wonders on a mach. Im just gonna go for the blower as soon as $$$ allows. A blown Mach is a beast @ only 9 psi with a KB.

    A buddy of mine has an 03 Mach, & hes in the high to mid 12's with only an off road x, Magnapack catback, intake spacer, tune, MGW shifter, reinforced stock suspension, weight removed & Mickey thompson ET streets. These things are Monsters & with a good driver, can give a Stock 03 Cobra a run for its money.
  10. It is your car and if you like it than I guess that is what really matters. That being said, I don't care for it.
  11. The only wing I would consider putting back on my mach is the 03 cobra style. My stocker is somewhere in the garage with the stock skirts.
  12. I like the OEM spoiler or sometimes the 03 Cobra

    Hell even dif skirts gives the car something extra :nice:
  13. that Cobra wing looks awesome on your Mach.......I am thinking about putting a Cobra front on my Mach. I wonder how that wing would look painted flat black?
  14. Thanks...I suggest just painting it gloss black like your car. It would probably look weird with it flat black.
  15. Found some pics. No Wing and different skirts.
  16. I like the Cobra spoiler on Epik's Mach, but I'm also thinking about maybe getting the Saleen spoiler for the SN-95 Mustang, caught between the two.