Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. I average 20.9 back and forth to work. Mostly highway, some stop and go. That's not babying the throttle, but not getting down on it either. I've gotten 24 mpg on the highway though, cruising at 60 mph in 6th gear, running about 2000 rpm. 22 mpg cruising at 80 on the interstate.
  2. If anyone is disapointed at the mileage you're getting, you'll enjoy this.....
    I also own a 2008 Mazda Miata 2.0L (176 hp) and it only musters about 28 mpg on the highway. At 65 mph it's turning over 3500 rpm's in 6th gear. :rolleyes: My 98 GT is as good or better with 3.90 gears turning 2500 in 5th gear at 65 mph.
  3. 11GT Premium 3.73 gears 6spd

    19 MPG avg 70% city 30% hwy

    Did drive a full tank on a road trip last week tho and got 27 mpg

    All bone stock
  4. 2012 GT Premium, I average 16 city, don't know the highway. With that said, it's because I don't do this granny shifting junk 1 to 4 option. I bought a V8 for a reason it irritates me that I have to drop to 2d so early just so i don't have to fight it that hard to drop straight down.
  5. 2011 GT. Got 29.5 MPG on the last tank. All highway commuting, half @70 MPH (interstate), and half @60 MPH (county roads).
  6. that's because Yuma has way too many stop signs and all the traffic lights never match. I am from the but currently going to school in a bigger place and I get 20/22 in town and 24/26 on the freeway on my GT manual.
  7. ad8c6340.jpg

    Both of these taken on the same type of drive from Houston to Shreveport. Lots of a open and flat terrain. Boring drive.

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  8. 14.7 MPG Average City / Highway

    My Mods Include:
    C&L Racer Cold Air Intake
    Comp 127300 XFI VSR 3V Camshafts
    Comp Beehive Springs
    Steeda Under Drive Pulleys
    Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates
    FRPP 4.10 Gears
    TruTrac Locker
    CHE Lower Control Arms
    TCI Superstreet fighter 3500 stall
    TCI Ratchet Shifter
    Steeda Adj Upper Control Arm
    Spyder One Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft
    JBA Long Tube Headers
    JBA Catted H-Pipe
    FRPP Stingers

    Yes it sucks but man does it sound AWESOME
  9. Nothing compared to you new stang owners but considering the list of mods she has I can say that I am fairly happy with the MPG.


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  10. Looking at the gas mileage, I think its better to buy GT..But still not sure between it and Camaro.
  11. 29.8 last fill-up on the 2011 GT. Getting better every tank as it breaks in. Going for 30+ by spring.:D
  12. 08GT manual/ pypes pype bombs xpipe and CAI. avg. 20mpg with mostly street some highway. 18-19 street economy shifting. 17 no economy shifting street. got 26-28 on my way to shaver lake a couple months ago. avg. speed was 75. semi drafting my frnds dads boat.
  13. 2005 V6 auto - all stock except for full dual exhaust.

    Last trip we took was over 3000 miles - from AZ to SD and back plus a bunch of sight seeing etc. Except for all the construction we averaged between 65 and 75 mph using the cruise and running the air on and off when needed. We also went through the mountains twice (up and back).

    Averaged 29.5 mpg which we were really happy with. Awesome car to road trip in! :nice:
  14. 12.8 stop and go city
    26.4 hwy

    Yes, Ive been known to put it to the floor when entering Interstate on-ramps or getting that pimply faced kid in his Dad's bmmr off my butt.

    2012 GT. std. gear ratios.
  15. ive got a 2008 gt automatic. i drive heavy stop and go traffic everyday to and from work. im getting between 10 and 12 mpg average. ill also mention that when i catch some1 sitting next to me at a light, and they even glance at my car, i floor it on green... haha. its like practicing for the tree at the dragstrip every day. my reaction time gets better every stop light :D
  16. mpg

    20.0 through 4300 miles.

    2012 GT 6m 3.73.
  17. I took a trip from CT to PA this weekend any my '07 GT/CS 5-speed turned 70k. On the way down I got 26.0 (even hit over 100+ a couple times) on the way home I behaved and never went over 85 and got 26.5, I do attrubute this to just getting new Continental DWS and had them filled with nitrogen. The good rubber must help. But around town I usually get anywhere from 16-18 depending on how the skinny pedal is treated.
  18. 26.6mpg. I think I can do 35+ if I only drive highway. Hand calculated, lie o meter said 25 even. 2012 gt