Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. Driving with a 5speed stick and the criuse on 55mph get 30.5 60mph get 28.5 70mph 25.2 80mph get 21
  2. Averaging about 16.5 mpg so far about 50-50 city/highway but I only have 600 miles on the car.

    edit: duh... GT with manual trans
  3. I just stuck an MPG thread in the V6 forum. So I'll stick this one in here as well.
  4. I don't have to use the highway to get to work so most of my driving is side roads. I'm averaging 17.8 right now.
  5. Daily drive mostly city = 20.5
    Memorial day weekend taking a 800+ mile trip to Houston TX. and will see what the Interstate MPG is.
    Only mod is exhaust so far.
  6. 16.7 average :D
  7. 18 mpg consistently in "stop and go" and highway (mostly stop and go) in metro detroit

    the small gas tank makes it seem like it's burning like bob marley

  8. :lol: :rlaugh:
  9. GT auto, OD and TC defeated most of the time and pedal mashed as often as possible. 16.5 mpg
  10. About 17mpg in mixed driving with mixed shifting (some low rpm for fuel economy and some having fun). Better than I used to get with my 97 GT but still not good.
  11. I got 20 on my last tank now with 1200 miles on it. There was a good bit of 55-65 highway driving on that tank.
  12. I wonder if the gas mileage improves with more mileage? Sure looks like it.
  13. For those of us with the AOD, I know the adaptive PCM does get better with mileage. If I would stop unhooking the battery, perhaps mine would seat itself. Battery disconnected after initial purchase, for Driving lamp install, for fuel tank replacement.

    V-6 AOD - MPG averaging 18 - 19 w/3,800 miles. Ride him like I'm launching from a 1/4 mile Christmas Tree light, except when my son is in the car with me!!!!

  14. GT Vert... 5 Spd... 18 - 19 mpg...
  15. don't know and don't care. having way too much fun.
  16. Average mixed highway/city driving is 18.5

    05 GT 5sp AUTOMATIC
  17. I'm averaging 20.5 in my automatic
    40% hwy/60% city. Not bad at all! :)
  18. Long interstate trip this weekend, got up to 24.4mpg!!
  19. Man, i thought my lead foot getting 20.6 in my v6 was bad....
  20. 18.5 avg.....drivin it like I stole it...