Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. :lol: 35mpg with a mustang gt, obviously you think you bought a eco may want to re think what you're driving if you trying to hit that many mpg.
  2. I'm that guy that gets ridiculous mileage out of anything. No one ever believes me either.

    4.0 ranger could get 27
    Chevy cobalt - 54 when I tried
    Tdi jetta - 55 for regular driving
    05 f150 - 21

    All hand calculated. Not bragging either, I don't know how people can get so low and not have a pile of tickets, or be buying new tires every 15,000 miles.
  3. nah the 26 mpg I see lots of ppl that are worried about the gas mileage get that, I'm just saying I couldn't ever imagine seeing a v8 pull no where near that.....but the 26 good on you, i know alot of ppl that do that....I'll stick with my 16.1 mpg (city only) :shrug:
  4. I'll let you know when I break 35 baby.
  5. i was getting 20.0-20.2 local driving on regular unleaded. trying supreme gas(OUCH at the pump!!) now and getting about 20.8. 2006 GT lowered w/aftermarket exhaust. i've had my GT about 2 months and have been taking an "old man" approach to driving it; slow and easy take-offs, never above 60 and trying to get to 5th gear as quickly and smoothly as possible. JLT cold air induction and SCT tuner in my immediate future and want to see if i can get better.
  6. Gas n go baby, forget the old man approach. Drive the car like it was meant to be driving, as in that I don't mean hard but don't treat it like a eco box that's almost as dropping a beer :D
  7. now that you mention it , LAVA, my right foot HAS been gettin' real itchy! lol. gonna have to let the pony run soon!
  8. I can believe that. Under the right conditions, high numbers like that are possible. My personal records are:

    02 Alero 3.4 - 43
    03 Explorer 4.6 - 25
    05 Mustang 4.6 - 32
    08 Ford Edge - 30

    All of these were on road trips on high-altitude stretches of 2-lane road (Usually about 65-70 mph). Under the same almost ideal conditions, 35 may actually be possible out of the new 5.0. I was getting 29-30 commuting in mine this last summer, with less than 3000 miles on it, and closer to sea level. Ti-VCT does amazing things for these cars.
  9. You guys go head and try to maximize your numbers. I'll keep the economying running and not let up on my foot. Heck with being broke (not literally, or I wouldn't be driving what I do) one of my few enjoyments in life is driving my stang, one of the few things that can still make you cheeze like a kid when you get on it.
  10. 27 highway. 15 city. jlt cai. sct 93 performance tune. pypes shorty headers and off road x. flowmaster axlebacks
  11. I average 20-21 mpg with my car commuting to work. That's with a couple miles of city driving on each end and about 35 miles of hilly highway which kills my highway mileage.

    I'm sure if I took it on a road trip with some nice flat roads (like the south or midwest) I could easily get 26-27 mpg at 70 mph.

    What's kinda sad is that my beater Camry (4 cyl, auto) only averages 26-27 mpg over the same commute!
  12. 08 GT 5sp I am currently averaging about 23.3MPG on a 20ish mile one way commute with approx. 12 miles of 60MPH highway and the other 8 45MPH traffic light infested, slow driver filled city roads. Through the summer here in SC with the high temps and humidity it was about 20.4MPG. I don't drive slow or easy, often hitting WOT on take off in 1st and 2nd, only taking it easy pulling out from lights to prevent lighting up the rear tires. I think its pretty good considering my wife averages 24.2 in her 08 Escape v6 on the same route.
  13. 08 mustang GT, auto trans- Bought this last month, got a little over 25 mpg on highway from Phoenix to Vegas, averaging a little under 19 mpg driving around town.

    I'm used to going light on the gas because I just got out of a 2004 Powerstroke Diesel that got 15mph on highway, 14-15 mpg in town.

    Very happy with the fuel economy of the GT, wish the gas tank was a little bigger. Oh well.
  14. 2nd tank on the 2012 hand calculated right at 20mpg (14.06 to fill at 280 miles). This was a mix of highway and city (along with the wonderful commute on the southbound 5 in the afternoons). I'm running regular unleaded on this tank and will report those findings (we have done quite a bit more city driving on this tank than the last though). 750 miles on the car.
  15. I got just about 24mpg on a trip from NY to FLA
  16. This tank of fuel hand calculated to 20.3mpg (87 octane). This is a mix of city/highway (30%/70%) with a fair amount of traffic on the commute home everyday (56 miles 1 way). 1200 miles on the car now.
  17. Thats about same city / highway % I drive. But only 23 miles 1 way. I'm getting 20.3 to 20.8 mpg on the gauge, and or when measured by gallons used to miles driven.
  18. Some of you guys just drive your cars hard, or set the cruise too high. You'd be really surprised at what you can pull out of your car if you take the time and do it right.

    I've pulled 22 mpg out of a 4-hr trip from GA to FL in my 760rwhp 9-sec foxbody, 23mpg out of my mother's Ford Excursion on a 600 mile trip from FL to OH, and 38mpg out of a 1997 Chevy Corvette on the route as the excursion. Keys to fuel mileage:

    - 35psi in the tires (some push it higher, but I have seen tires wear in the center from over pressure, and there are other negatives to noise/vibration/harshness in going to a pressure that's too high. While you might achieve higher mileage, you should ask yourself if the trade-off is really worth it)
    - Set the a/c system's compressor off, and just run the fans with the windows up if you can find a way to be comfortable
    - Find the sweet spot speed for your vehicle. My vette's, for example, is 45-55 mph. With anything over 60, I really see the mileage drop off. Air resistance always becomes a significant factor at speeds over that as drag increases exponentially with velocity
    - Don't run the cruise - a sensitive foot will do a better job of modulating the throttle. The goal is to use the motor to always apply a positive force to maintain or accelerate the vehicle. Pull it out of gear if the vehicle will maintain speed on its own.
    - Coast - when a down hill allows you to maintain or increase vehicle speed without throttle, take advantage of it. Rev-match when you go back into gear to lessen the work of your clutch and synchros. This can make a big difference on hilly portions of the interstate like those in TN and KY.
    - Use deceleration fuel cut-off (DFCO) only when there is a reason to regulate vehicle speed (legal or hazard such as preventing high speeds on twisty mountain roads).
    - Same goes even more so with brakes - use sparingly, and coast or use DFCO when able. Try to anticipate upcoming turns and corners so you don't have to use them and can coast to the appropriate speed.
    - Accelerate moderately, not easily - getting to your final drive gear relatively quickly is far better than slowly accelerating and staying in the earlier gears for longer. Don't take this to extreme and accelerate too fast. When you accelerate aggressively, your EFI system considerably richens the fuel mixture to prevent detonation, and hence wastes fuel.
    - reduce electrical draw - anything that pulls electricity increases the alternator's load and hence the load on the motor. This can be relatively insignificant for things like listening to the radio, but if you're running a large system, your high beams, a couple of TVs, etc... you'll notice a difference in mileage if you're measuring.

    These guys pulling low 20s out of their Mustang GTs aren't trying too hard. I live in a hilly area in Germany where I drive up and down twisty, hilly roads every day to work and back and still average a bit over 24 mpg in the Corvette and closer to 30 mpg in my 4cyl BMW. People think it takes driving like a grandma to pull good mileage, but I find it more challenging, and interesting to focus on efficient driving techniques. You do end up taking a turns and curves at higher speeds than you otherwise would. I love driving a car hard, too, but driving efficiently can be just as fun in its own way, and more rewarding financially (fuel, tickets, lower probability of accidents).
  19. FastDriver, Good Advice....
  20. 26.2 avg highway is the best I ever got driving like an old lady. I normally avg 16.9 combined.