Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. 2012 Boss 302
    City - I have to struggle to get 15
    Hi-way - As bad as 22 and as good as 25. (3.73 gear) It's so hard to drive this car at the speed limit. It just wants to fly.
  2. 2010 GT no upgrades only had the car a couple weeks but around town Ive been averaging about 16-17mpg. I took a road trip the other day about 280 miles and averaged 29mpg :shrug: Alot of down hill open highway driving at 65-70 mph. Another road trip 120 miles of flat open desert and averaged 23 mpg and wasnt limp footing. Who would on open desert highway :D This is all on 91 octane. Forgot to add this is a manual tranny.
  3. I just bought a 2005 Mustang Deluxe. I was expecting to get at least the lowest "posted" MPG (19 City). WRONG! I have been getting 16-17 MPG. TOPS. Not to happy about it, but I still LOOOOVE my Mustang. :)
  4. I got a combined 24.2 in a 3 hour drive up to Indy, around downtown indy, and 3 hours back with a passenger. All stock. I was pretty impressed with that.
  5. Man, i drive basiclaly like a granny on the highway. However, they recently upped some speed limits here in TX. So, at 3 hours, cruise set at 80mph for 30 minutes, and 75mph for the other 2.5 hours, I average 24mpg. And thats with a stock '12 GT 5.0 Manual with 3:23s and 3k on the odometer.
    I never speed up fast and I baby it on entrance ramps. (NO city driving)

    I dont understand how I cant hit atleast 26.

    My '06 Supercharged Cobalt SS (stickered at 29mpg) would get 35-37mpg at the same speeds and thats with the Stage 2 tune & pulley on it!

    Can anyone explain to me why it wont go above 24? I know my cruise is set high, but, I would atleast think it'd hit the sticker estimate. Especially since I baby it up to cruise.
  6. Slow down. You'll probably get over 30 if you keep it at 65mph or less. Make sure the proper amount of air is in your tires.
  7. I'll give it a shot next time i take a long drive. Crossing Fingers! Thanks!
  8. There is more ethanol in gas now than there was in 2006. That makes a big mileage difference. If you can find ethanol free fuel anywhere, use it. Where I live, it costs about 10-15 cents a gallon more, but I come out way head in the mileage increase. You might come up a little with summer blend gas as well. However, at 75-80 mph, mid 20s is probably about what you can expect.

    I always use ethanol free gas in mine. When I commute on the highway, half at 70 mph and half at 60 mph (I wish my state had Texas's speed limits), my 2011 GT with 3:31 gears will do about 29 mpg.

  9. I'd buy it. I have an 07 GT/manual. On Hwy 98 (in Florida) if I keep it at 55 and drive like my grandmother, I have pulled 31.8 - 32.1. Avg long trip hwy miles at 80 (with cruise from Florida to Idaho) was 24.3. Avg stop and go traffic (around 15 miles each direction on Hwy 98) was 17.2. If I put my foot in it a little at each light I would see around 14.5.
  10. Just bought a 2013 GT. It has 43 psi all around on the 19's. I only used to keep 32 psi in my 2000 GT with 18's. What psi are y'all sitting at?
  11. I have slowed down to speed limit, my drive is 40 miles each way, 33 of which is highway, the rest is very well flowing city. So 80 miles a day under pretty darn good conditions. Hauling I get 21 to 23mpg. Just a touch over speed limit, and taking it easy mostly I get 24 to 25. I babied it this last tank, 65 to 70mph, coasting up to traffic and lights, light hypermiling techniques and I went 400 miles getting 28mpg. 06 GT manual with 3.55s. My goal was 27... So I am happy. But that is boring driving that way. My old job, in traffic I was getting 17 mpg.
  12. This week a 385-mile trip averaged 30.7 mpg with AC on 1/2 the time. I have the V6 Premium auto and a light foot.
  13. 5.0 6 speed best so far 27.2 between Chattanooga and Nashville
  14. 0ok I wasnt sure if I was going to post this or not, but oh well. My v6 auto is getting about 27-30 highway going 70mph. Now I have gotten to 30 a few times on a clear day with no wind. Not sure if the gauge is off or what, but since i drive mostly highway thats what i pay attention to.
  15. 22.3 all the way to south Carolina and 22 mpg on the way back after supercharger was on. 3.73 gears

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  16. Around 20 MPG
  17. 130 miles on the car after this weekend and today was my first day to drive up to work and back. Desert highway for most of the way (26 miles) and some traffic-free city streets with stop lights (6 miles or so) got me about 21 for the round trip with stopping for food. I was pretty spirited on the on-ramps but played it pretty light the rest of the time. This was with 6-spd manual with 3.31s.
  18. My best mileage on my '11 V6 'vert was 32.6 coming back from Atlantic City two days ago. The average on the highway both directions was 31.82. This includes virtually stopped traffic from the Valley Forge exit on the PA Turnpike all the way to the AC Expressway with a little break from the 476/I95 split to the exit for the Walt Whitman Bridge. Super slow all the way to the AC Expressway then good into AC. Stop and go city driving down Ocean Drive to Wildwood and back on the GSP and driving around AC was 19.
  19. My '99 Cobra 'vert got between 29 and 30 on the expressway running around 70mph. My '03 Cobra 'vert gets around 22 to 24 at the same speed. My '11 V6 'vert gets between 30.5 and 32.5 and is now my preferred car for travel.
  20. First tank in the car and it was mixed driving, some fun but mostly cruise at 70-75. 282 miles on 13.25 gallons so 21.25 mpg.

    Manual with 3.31