Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. It was 24 Mpg from Atlanta to New York and back.

    The average is 18.5 Mpg.
  2. I live in Germany, a 2010 GT, all stock, I'll get 24 mpg on the highway up to about 80 mph, Once i am at 100+mpg it goes down to 17.5
  3. 2011 GT500 "His" avg 15.5
    2011 GT500 "hers" avg 13.0
    all Honolulu Traffic Miles.. there is no open road here... :(

    But Hey, We didn't buy a Prius for a reason! :)
  4. What part of Stuttgart? I lived at Patch many years back.
  5. I get about 18-20mpg going back and forth to work. Went on a few road trips and got between 26-27mpg.
    The first few weeks I had the car I got about 12-13mpg -LOL!
  6. Who cares
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  7. Those of the other 425 posts aside from yours in this thread :nice:
  8. my 02 gt gets 23 on the highway

    my 12 f150 with the new 5.0 gets 18-20 on the highway
  9. i have a 2012 gt manual, and i get around 13-14 mpg city. i dont do much highway driving.
  10. I think I set the mileage benchmark that no one will be able to beat.

    Last week, commuting, almost all highway, my 2011 GT 5.0 got 31.0 MPG on a tank. I have a fuel mileage friendly commute, and a fairly calm driving style (regardless of what I drive), but I was still amazed I was able to break 30 with a 400+ horsepower engine, particularly with the PZeros.
  11. 23 mpg overall in my 2012 automatic v6 convertible. About 75% highway, 25% local.
  12. photobucket-3861-1342181849381.jpg



    Still breaking in my 2013 gt 6 speed manual (3.55's)
  13. Mine's showing 17.6 at 900 miles, but that's too early to really make any kind of estimate.
  14. Right now I'm getting a shade over 22 in my '06GT with 7700 miles. It's up from about 20 when I got the car with 6400 miles on it.
    She was a weekend car for some folks that traded her in. Mix of highway and city
  15. i have a V6 auto, and it gives me a mileage of 18mpg in cities while 22mpg on the highways.
  16. 2013 gt/cs with 6 speed mt and 3.73 gears. getting 18.5 mpg mostly hilly country roads and small town driving. No interstate or open highway.
  17. i normally get between 17-18 going back and forth to work (Houston- Beltway8). On roadtrips i normally get between 24-27
  18. had to repost- before i went by the little gauge in the car, now i took my miles and how many gallons. This is more accurate
  19. Highway = 22-24
    City = 10-15
  20. 2008 GTCS Auto, 13.2 mpgs cams, long tubes, 4.10 gears, JLT series 3 CAI