Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. 2013 GT, manual, convertible. Combined 21.5 mpg, haven't been on a hwy trip since it has gotten broken in.
  2. '97 C5 Corvette. Bone stock. 278 miles from Brucken Germany (elevation ~350m) to Grafenwoehr, Germany(elevation: ~412m). I have not verified at the gas pump, yet. The spedometer is accurate to within 1kph using a GPS as a reference.

    I generally kept the speed around 50 mph (80 kph), but it varied depending on traffic, hills, construction etc. Stayed between 40mph and 65mph and stopped 3 times during the trip. No drafting. Used the cruise control early on in the trip, but maybe 80 miles into it, I decided to go for fuel mileage and wanted to modulate throttle myself.

    Previous best was 38.8 mpg as measured at the pump vs. the odometer. The driver's information center read something like 37mpg. That was on a 600mile trip from FL to OH.

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  3. 2012 v6 Base model - currently averaging about 25.5mpg.

    I get around 23 around town but I can get up to 32 on the highway if I cruise a constant 70 or so without a bunch of hills.
  4. 6.8 mpg during twelve runs at the 1/4 mile :D

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  5. 18.0 average, mostly city
  6. 22 combined! v6 automatic
  7. 21 to 23 half highway half city.

    2000 3.8 atlantic blue vert .
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio
  8. '13 V6 with 3.31 axle
    60mph: 32mpg
    65mph: 29mpg
    70mph: 27.5mpg

    Around town I'm getting about 18, driving somewhat enthusiastically.
  9. 2006 GT Manual CAI/Tune/Exh 22.5 combined.
  10. 13 GT 500 convertible, 5.8 SC, manual, all stock:
    Best 15 on highway*
    Avg 12.7 around town*

    *Note: Includes liberal use of boost, which has been known to degrade gas mileage, but keeps the fun meter pegged.:D
  11. '13 GT Auto 18mpg 80% city while treating stop lights like Christmas trees.
  12. You're driving it right, but not using enough fuel. Can you say Kenne Bell? :D
  13. I can but you wouldn't be able to hear it over that whine (or should i say banshee scream)
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  14. 6.4 mpg on the road race course. The V8 was thirsty :)

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  15. 2011 5.0, 6 mt, 3.73's i average 18.8 mostly city/town driving
  16. 15.4 after 3 tanks....

    Automatic 07 GT stock
  17. The gage shows 17.2 right now, but this is an averaging system that seems quite flawed to me. I do have a BAMA street tune on a '13 auto 5.0 with Roush 20s.
  18. 2010 GT stock
    I've only hade it about a month and havent moved my scangauge II from my FJ Cruiser yet but it looks like I'm getting 15 at best. I didnt buy it for gas mileage. Thats what the Toyota is for.
  19. 2013 5.0 Manual, usually 12-16 in town depending on foot, highway I set the cruise all the time and highest I've gotten is 27. had the car since it had 4 miles and just passed 5100.
  20. 08' Bullitt, 130 mile trip, average 68mph with 3 people on board and a trunk loaded with luggage, got 26.8mpg!
    Car has 3.73:1 gears along with the stuff in the mileage is around 16mpg