Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. Through the hill country in Texas, A/C on, 96 degrees outside, cruising 70 - 80 mph with one passenger -- 22.6mpg.
  2. My GT Automatic is only 3 weeks old with 875 miles on it. The first 2 days it was at 11.9 MPG. Now I am up to an amazing 15 MPG.
  3. my 1980 pinto wagon daily driver
    get 10-14 depending how i stop and go
    stock 2.3 with c4 automatic tranny
    badly in need of tuneup but i am too lazy
  4. Well mt GT averaged about 17-19 mpg city, 260 miles on a tank avg, but I just got done with a nice long road trip, Used hwy or interstate most of the way, used a/c 90% of the time and had to deal with mountainous terran, But seemed to average a very respectable 27-29 mpg and an unbeleavable 500 miles to a tank est by the comp. I was pleasently surprised how well the car did on the hwy/interstate. :cheers:
  5. 732 miles on my new '05, GT/Man... most of that in three 220 one way trips from home to work place. in town is 13.4~14 MPG,, On the Freeway,, 55~75 MPH 24.9~25.3 MPG
  6. On the road (1000 miles!) back home from the dealership: 25.2 MPG!
    In town driving to and from work: just shy of 20 MPG (it changes pretty consistently)... really good for a V8, but of the distance between work and home, over 90 percent is freeway on which I always manage hit a little stop and go.
  7. My GT 5sp has 2400 miles - only 2 weeks old! Just took a 1100 mile trip, drove 75-85 much of the way. Avg mpg was 22.6. Not bad.
  8. It seems like I am getting horrible mileage. Part of it is my lead foot, but I can't help the fact I love the sound of the car.

    Those of you that are getting good MPG what are your shift points?
  9. Shift points don't really matter that much. The shifter is not hooked up to the fuel system, it's that little pedal on the right that matters.
  10. averging 20 MPG, 50% highway, 50% stop and go, 8000 miles, GT manual
  11. According to my display in my dash: 13.4.

    Okay...what gives?

  12. What?? The gas pedal controls the flow of gas? No kidding? damn! :rolleyes:

    What you shift at would make all the difference. If you were constantly shifting at 2500 RPM at a moderate rate you would certainly use less fuel over time than gunning it to 5K every gear to get to you desired speed.
  13. 10-12 if i am lucky (heavy foot)
    100% stock
    90% Los Angeles city (0-40mph)
    10% Los Angeles Hwy (0-30mph) :)
  14. lets simplify this, if it takes x fuel to keep the car running at 2000 rpm (rotations per min) then wouldn't you agree that it would take more then x to have the motor spin at 6K rpm (rotations per min).

    If you still dont get it.... :shrug: then let me add this, when the motor rotates (rpm) the valves are opening and closing and fuel and air are added and exhausted, the faster the motor rotates the more often fuel and air will be added, in essence it will use more gas at higher rpms.
  15. HWY - 23-26
    City - 17-20
  16. on a recent trip to West, TX from Mckinney TX about 2hrs at 80-85 got 26.9 mpg in my GT 5-speed. Besides that my average over a 3000 mile oil change is 19.1 mpg, medium highway miles and lots of stop and go. 13k miles and lovin mile of it.
  17. 05 Mustang V6 Auto get between 17-19 city 20-25 Highway..
  18. A little over 1k miles, mostly city driving to and from work.

    16.256 mpg :(
  19. 18 MPG City - Short shifting at 2k RPM
    25 MPG Hwy - w/ AC on 70-85MPH
    Car has 6k miles on it and Mobil-1 Synthetic oil.
  20. You're on the right track, but it's a little more complicated.

    You are correct in that to keep the engine running there is a minumum amount of fuel that must be used to maintain the A/F mix ratio. The faster the engine spins the more air it pumps so the more fuel is needed.

    However, what you are not considering is that amount of fuel depends on the load the engine is under. The higher the load (given the same RPM) the more fuel is needed) Saying it another way: It takes less fuel to rev, your engine to 5K in neutral while sitting in you driveway than running down the road in 4th gear pulling 5K RPM while going 114 MPH.