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  1. :D Wow, you could have had a V8! :D :cheers: Other than the initial purchase price and availability, there's really no reason to buy a V6 Stang, if you're looking for fuel economy. Only thing I like in the V6 cars over the GT's is their lacking the Fog lights in the grill. They look much better without them, I'm going to see about removing mine when the 06 gets here.
  2. Manual V6 Deluxe...

    I get consistently between 21-22 MPG with congested main roads with a smattering of in-town driving.
  3. 06 GT 5 Speed

    First 400 miles 21.8 mpg.......Good start.
  4. 15-16mpg around town
    hi-way 20-21mpg

  5. I've owned my 05 since November 2004...I'm currently on a cross-country trip litterally coast-to-coast. Yesterday my odometer registered 10,247. I reset all the trip data when I left North Carolina and I've currently covered 1,100 miles with 1,300 left to go. Average mileage (according to the 05's trip computer is 27.6 mpg. Average speed is 54 MPH. This includes running the A/C constantly, driving through the Smokey Mountains on I-40, and two 20 min dead stopped traffic jams, in and around mileage when we stop for the night to eat, lodging etc. I'm getting about 30 MPG on the highway.
  6. Cross-Country Mileage Update

    Stopped yesterday in Amarillo, TX. Trip Computer read 26.9 average fuel mileage.
    Once again, that's from south of Raleigh, NC to Amarillo, TX straight across I-40, average speed 52 MPH. I'm sure most will wonder how I was able to hold such a low speed (62-65 mph) for such wife was following towing a 5x8 uhaul. :(

    When I left Amarillo, I reset the average fuel useage function of the trip computer and started experimenting a little. with the A/C off, windows down 1/2 way, I averaged 30-31 mpg. I turned the A/C on drove 62 mph averaged 28 mpg.

    My fuel mileage around town sucks like everyone else's, I'm sure...about 15.5 mpg. But can't beat the Highway mileage, though. I was quite surprised to say the least. :banana:

    Currently in Gallup, NM.
  7. 32 mpg

    Stopped for the night in Flagstaff, Ar. Took a detour to the Grand there very quickly in the GT. :nice: Next morning checked air pressure and noticed I had been running 30.5 psi in each tire. Increased air pressure to 36 psi. Noticeable difference. I averaged 32 mpg from Flagstaff to Las Vegas. Ran mostly with Cruise control set to 65 mph, windows up, A/C on intermittently.

    My overall average for the trip (Fayetteville, NC to Las Vegas, NV) was....26.4 mpg...
    97 gallons burned, 2563 miles travelled. If I'd added that extra tire pressure at the beginning, it would have been a little better. Hope you're having as much fun in your stang as I am.


    2005 Mustang GT coupe
    Mineral Grey
    5-speed w/3.55 axle
    shaker 500
    Magnaflow #15882 Axleback exhaust
    Premium wheels
  8. drive like i stole it i get 12mpg, drive like gas is over $3/gallon city 14-15 mpg (heavy traffic), hwy 22-27 mpg
  9. :nice: you are 100% correct :hail2:
  10. Hey there EastCoastStang, thanks for keeping us updated on the road trip and gas mileage. As the gas prices keep climbing, it's good to know what type of gas mileage a long distance road trip likes your would turn up. I'm stuck here in Cali for a while and won't be hitting the road like you for a long long time. Have a safe trip back. :)
  11. The reason for the increase from Flagstaff to Las Vegas was due to the fact that you we're going downhill for most of that distance. Flag is around 7-8,000 ft. Elevation, Las Vegas is much lower by several thousand feet. ( I don't recall the exact elevations, but I know there's a huge distance involved here)
  12. ...and now, lets beat a dead horse...

    Sactostang, thanks for the kind words...It was a great trip.

    Founding Member,

    After I posted last message my father in law who happens to be a long-haul trucker told me the same thing in reference to the loss of elevation. There is definately some truth to this, however, it's a little of both. It's not exactly "all down hill". Flagstaff is about 7,000 ft, Las Vegas about 2,000. This 5,000 ft drop is accomplished over 150 miles, and it's not constant. (I was monitoring elevations with my vehicle mounted GPS throughout the trip). Don't know if you ever made the drive, but for every downhill there's an extremely steep uphill climb to follow, just not quite as high as you were before, which leads to the gradual loss in elevation. it's not as if you were in a constant downhill freefall. If that was the case I would have just kicked it over into neutral. :D I'm sure since you are a founding member I don't have to tell you that tire pressure has a direct impact on rolling resistance, ergo, fuel economy. I haven't let out the extra air yet and there is a big difference in rear wheel traction. I can barely get on it in a turn now and the rear of the car wants to come around.

    I've been driving my 2005 mustang gt since November 2004 and trust me, I've put pleeeenty of gas in it and know what my mileage normally is.

    I see you are from Southern Louisiana...hope you came out of the hurricane no worse for the wear and you enjoy your 2006 as much as I have my 2005.

  14. Do all of ours display it in the dash? Or is it just yours, like do you have the IUP? I don't have that. I was wondering if everybody was simply getting it from the dash or if everyone was calculating it manual, and if so, how are you calculating it?

    how do you calculate your mpg manual and it be 100% correct.

    I've put on a new throttle body spacer and a cold air intake in my car and hoping that improves my MPG.
  15. I have the IUP and always compare the MPG versus my manual calculations and they've been relatively close.
    I'm going to be filling up the car real soon so I will post the newest numbers after I fillup.
    To try and keep my calculations consistent, what I normally do is, let the pump nozzle stop and then I do one pull of the nozzle trigger until it stops again.
    From the total gallons, after the second stop, I calculate my MPG.
    We'll see what my numbers are this time.
  16. On my first ans second Fill Up on the IUP it says that I have 310 miles before running out of gas...
    Now whenever I fill up the IUp says 280 miles before running out of gas....
    I have a 2006 Stang Gt automatic and was wondering what are you all getting when you fill up your tank and what does the Iup says when filling up....JohnnyT
  17. oops! sorry about the long delay in reply. I didn't mean for the post to sound smartass. Yes, if you shift at 5k you'd be burning more fuel, BUT YOU HAVE TO PUSH ON THE GAS TO GET IT TO 5k. If you got on a long, steep hill and rolled down it with the car in third at 5000 rpm but with no throttle would you burn lots of fuel? No. All that I meant was that the throttle controls how much fuel goes into the engine. Within reason, the shift points won't matter that much to your fuel consumption. Or put another way, shifting at 2000 instead of shifting at 2500 won't make a difference that you can tell at the pump. Only giving it the throttle it needs to get the job done will.
  18. No, I would not agree with that. I'll point back to the example of going down a steep hill. The valves do not add fuel and neither does the engine RPM. Fuel is delivered by the injectors that are controled (in the end) by the throttle. Push your car up to red line in 4th gear and you're burning fuel because you're on the throttle. Now leave the car in gear and let off the throttle. The motors still turning high rpm. The valves are still clacking away like mad. But the engine is not consuming fuel at the same rate because you're off the throttle. All I was trying to say was, to get the most out of your car in terms of fuel mileage, you have to concentrate on the throttle. Gee Wiz Guys!

    P.S. I get 31mpg out of mine so I may not be a mechanic but I know how to push this thing down the road on less gas. If you'd like, I'll stop by and show you what I mean. I'll bet you $100 I can get 5mpg better mileage than you do out of your own car. Same road, same trip, same car.
  19. This my follow up from my last post.
    I filled up my car today and the Message center MPG read 20.9 MPG, the Miles to Empty got down to 8 miles, the total Trip was 306.4, and the Gallons used was 14.6.
    I pumped 14.655 gallons and my manual calculation came up to 20.908.
    From my calculations, I'd say the Message Center is pretty accurate.
  20. Sweet pic! :nice: