Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. I get a consistent 14.1 in town. On the road, I get between 23 and 28.
  2. I get around 17 if I am just driving around town with short trips 20min on a highway to and from work.

    If I am out having fun and getting on the gas, I get crap mpg, but that is a given.

    Highways on long trips with cruise set at 75ish I get a max of about 28 is my best.

    This was after my exhaust and tunable induction CAI, which I am told you pick up a few mpg's.

  3. 2005 Gt Vert 5sp
    4300 miles
    23.5 Average MPG
  4. I did my recent calculation through after a trip from Burbank to Carlsbad and back, and they think I'm lying.

    Gallons: 5.56
    Driving Conditions: 10% City, 90% Highway
    MPG: 36.3

    And this is what the error message reads:

  5. I'll chime in here -
    average driving (40% city, 60% highway) - 20 MPG
    all highway driving - 25 MPG

    I usually have it pegged between 75 and 80 on the highway. By the way, wind plays a HUGE part in MPG. One day, 120 mile trip - 20.3 MPG on the way there, 26 MPG on the way home. Same road, same speed (and the way there was actually going to a slightly lower elevation).

    This is on an auto, with 25,000 miles on it...
  6. GT 5spd with only 166 miles on the car lol and I get about 14.2 mpg with mostly city and some highway
  7. Just got my GT, and I'm getting 18.3 MPG in mixed driving for my commute. It was about what I was expecting. It's just too tempting not to do things like blast out of toll booths in low gears, or snap my passenger's neck around on a deserted road :D
  8. 06 GT vert w/auto trans
    Just took an 800+ mile trip, computer reads 23.4 mpg. That was about 95% highway cruising at just under 80 mph. Once I hit 30.8 mpg on a 20 mile trip, but that was with cruise set at 60 mph with a brisk tail wind. We have 3k miles on it now, no mods except light bar, but the top was up so that didn't effect mileage except for the additional weight:rolleyes:

  9. Just went on a 400-mile trip for Mother's Day. With my cruise set at 65 (the speed limit) I got 28.3 MPG. Not bad. Wish I could do that in town.
  10. 14.2 with a lead foot in NYC :)
  11. :p I am getting 17-18 mpg in the city and about 23-24 highway. 2006 GT/manual.
  12. I get about 18 in the city. I'm pretty stoked about that. I still have my share of fun too with my GT manual.
  13. I've had my 5 speed GT for 6 days now and have 180 miles. I've averaged about 16-17 in town, and took a short highway cruise which netted 26.7 there and 25.5 on the way back at 60-65 mph that included sitting through one traffic light.
  14. I have 14.5mpg right now on mine. The besat I got was maybe 18mpg once. But the nagain I've only had mine for 2 weeks with 1050mi on it.
  15. Just took a weekend trip in my 06 GT/manual and got 24.5-25.6-25.5. Some open interstate running at 75-80, then in the Wa****a Mountains in Arkansas on curvy 2 lane roads ( perfect for the GT's suspension:D ) at up to 60-65 mph. It just gets better and better. Added a half bottle of Lucas Transmission treatment to the Tremec to help with the 1st gear grind, that may have improved the mpg some too. It did in my 95 E150, by 2mpg.:nice:
  16. Just for kicks and giggles, I was comparing fuel mileage to a friend that had a 99 V6 Stang with a 5 speed manual. He was pissed my 06 GT got 6 more mpg than his 99 V6 did. He's getting 19 vs my 06's 25.5:D
  17. mileage

    my GT didn't come in yet, so my mileage right this second...AWESOME!
    It's literally costing me nothing to gas up!
  18. during a recent 1100 mile road trip, i got 28.59 MPG WITH the A/C ON!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

    total mileage is over 16,000 now and is MPG is still improving!!
  19. 18.8mpg on my last tank. I drive 50% city/50% country. It takes me 45 minutes to get to an actual interstate hwy. I drive like a jackass as well. The computer is not accurate for those who are using it to determine their fuel mileage. It will get you within 3mpg IME.

    06 GT 5spd
  20. 18.6 combined highway and intown. Mind you, the car is driven 4 days a week in bumper to bumper traffic for 17 miles (takes an hour)...both to and from work. After that it is 70% in town/30% highway.

    We set the cruise on sat night at 60mph in a gt auto and were getting 26mpg+.