Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. For comparison.

    2001 GT auto 74k+ miles
    road trip 310.4 miles 70% hwy
    70-80mph, with A/C on

    1966 6cyl auto 260k+ miles
    100% in town driving
    50-55mph, windows down
  2. I think your lying too (hehe) unless you went downhill both ways, unlike my dad who had to walk uphill to school, both ways.

    I do 20 highway miles a day and probably 10 city and i get an average of 17-20 unless i have been stomping on it, then i get 16. 4800MI.
  3. I just broke 6800 miles in my 06 GT and I consistently average 21 mpg with an even mix of highway and city driving. Of course I like to push the rpm's more often than not.
  4. I get between 17 city and 19 highway
  5. So far i've had the car 2 weeks and 1200miles. 07 GT 5 Speed..

    15-16mpg in the city
    21-23mpg on the freeway at 80mph
  6. Just completeted a 1 week-3250 mile road trip in my 06 GT. Averaged 24 mpg from Louisiana to Colorado and back. Going and coming doing 75-80 mph. Even took it up to the west portal of the Alpine tunnel of the abandoned Denver & South Park R.R. (10 miles of 10 ft. wide rocky road 4% grade ) top was just at timberline. Worst mpg was 23, best was 26.5. Car loaded down with tent, air matress, ice chest,etc. Plus me and the wife. Also made a side trip to the bottom of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison river which was a 3 mile long-16% grade. No problems the whole trip.
  7. He aint lying

    He ain't lying, :rolleyes:
    I have recently conducted a experiment with my 05 v6 and only using a quarter of a tank of gas at a time if I drive at between 50-55 use the cruise and no a/c I can get 38-39mpg. All of my miles to work and back are 98% highway and 2% city and flat roads. half way there it's a 65 speed limit and the other half 55. so I kept it under 55 and its great. I couldn't believe it myself but it is true. Before I use to keep the tank full of gas and and drive 65-66ish with that its 29mpg.
    I think also weight distribution has a lot to do too.
    ya'll watch those twinkies now! :nice:
  8. had my car almost a week. '07 gt auto coupe. MPG averaging 13.5 mpg.
    I thought this thing would be a little better than my SUV.
  9. Lol maybe you aren't driving it like the SUV :D
  10. I've had my car for 6 days now so the only milage info I have is for the freeway

    30.17 mpg on the freeway with AC off and cruise set on 70mph for my 230 mile trip over the weekend

    2006 V6 with manual transmission.
  11. 06 v6 auto mostly city short runs on hwy 5-10 mi. 60-75 mph 1st tank got 17mpg. 1/2 way thru 2nd tank raised tire pressure from 29-32 psi and got 22mpg
  12. I get 25-28 on the highway. I don't even want to know how much in town.
  13. 15.085 gals @ 362.9 miles was good for a 24.057 avg MPG in 60% city and 40% hwy driving.
    It usually gets anywhere between 22 to 23+ MPG, but it broke the 24 MPG barrier for the first time. Not too bad for a manual V8. Woo hoo!
  14. I get 20 mpg in town and gas it every time I get a chance. On the highway I get 24 to 25 mpg. But I was getting like 17 mpg in town, and 20 on the highway before I installed my C&L intake and did the Brenspeed 93 octane tune. Not only did it transform the car into a monster, its much more fuel efficiant too. If you havent dont this yet you need to.
  15. on my 06 gt ive got a little over 6k miles and i average 12.7 MPG. Its well worth it though :nice:
  16. I take it you didn't get your Mustang for fuel mileage:) In town my 07'GT is right at 18mpg but my hiway is right at 25mpg.If these new Mustangs had a 6spd. I'm bettin' they would pull about 30MPG.
  17. I'm pleased.

    07 GT - basically stock -- 19 city, 22 highway at 85 mph. First couple of tanks not this good? Better now with 3,000 miles.
  18. I usually get around 20 with mixed driving hwy/city

    I made a 300 mile round trip with the cruise on 60 and got 29mpg, i was very pleased!
  19. I average 17-18 mpg in town. One time I tried really hard to get the best possible mpg in town and got 19 mpg.

    On the highway I initially averaged 24 mpg, but after the addition of a K&N FIPK I jumped up to 26 mpg (both at 70 mph). That got me wondering what other mods I could do to bump up the power and mpg? Anybody noticed mpg gains with pullies or exhaust mods?

    I received a Hooker Aerochamber Axle Back for Christmas so I'll keep track of any improved gas mileage. Of course I won't know for a few months until I grow bored of the sound it makes when mashing the gas!:rolleyes:

    I've also tried driving slower a few times and I gain ~ 1.5-2 mpg for every 5 mph I slow down on the highway.
  20. Stock V6 auto.

    I have a 14 mile freeway loop that I can drive late at night using cruise control.

    With a K&N drop-in filter...
    At 60 MPH, I got 30.8 MPG, at 65, I got 29.2 MPG. The 65 one wasn't quite pure, I had to break a bit and then get back up to speed because of slow people on the ramps.

    I did a run with the stock filter (14k miles old) @ 60 MPH right after that, and the MPG dropped to 30.5. I figure that's good for about $20 a year or more in gas.

    Day to day driving I average 17-18 given the stop and go driving in So Cal. I'm a pretty mellow driver unless I have a reason not to be.