Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. Just got done doing some pretty decent mods to my '06 GT Auto last week(WMS CAI/SCT X CAL-2 with custom tunes from Brenspeed and 4.10 FRPP gears). Before the mods I was getting around 21-22 mpg running the 87 octane. Now after 2 tank fulls with the mods(93 octane tune as well) I'm getting right at 19 mpg. All my driving is a mix of 30 mile commute to and from work and city driving around home. After the gear install I try to keep my interstate speed to 70 tops(about 2600-2700 rpm in OD) to conserve some gas. I have yet to control the urges of getting on it pretty good from time to time now after the CAI/tune/gear mods, so I'm sure my mpg could pick up some...Oh well, it is to fun this way!!!!!
  2. I've read a few claims that just seem difficult to believe. I check my mileage each and every time I get gas. I monitor the mileage constantly with my on-board trip computer.
    I get about 15 mpg in town and 24 to 27 on the road, depending on highway speed, temperature and traffic.
    That's consistent with a 2005 stock V-6 and an automatic.
    I can believe a V-8 with a manual would actually do a bit better. I once had a 2003 Mach 1 and it got better mileage than my daugther's 2002 V-6. Again, I checked it and checked it.
  3. I get on the highway @65mph pulling 1.9-2krpm 29mpg, Around town it's differant story,12-15 maybe.... I can't complain I am putting around 530hp out^^:D

    Oh-yea, it's a 6-speed
  4. so you can believe a V8 manual would get good mileage? so what "seems difficult to believe"? :shrug: i am confused with your statement.
  5. The V-8 and V-6 are not that far apart in MPG. That's the essence of part of my statement. And with a manual, a V-8 can actually get better MPG than an automatic V-6. There may not be enough difference to brag about, but I believe experience will prove it will happen.
    In town, I don't believe anyone, V-6 or V-8, is going to get better than 20 MPG. I believe actual figures will be close to 15 to 16.
    I know that the cars can get 27 to 29 mpg on the road. It's 30 plus I have problems believing.

  6. I get 30+ (drafting):D
  7. Here is my log since new late last August. I don't do much hot rodding, but have yet to either run conservatively OR take it on a long highway trip for a full tank to see what my max is. Now with the CAI/Tuner/4.10 upgrade done I'm going on a semi long road trip next week.


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  8. 3500 miles
    33 mph avg
    18.8 mpg
  9. I'm in the UK and pay over $7 a gallon for premium fuel so whatever you get, consider yourselves very lucky.

    I've had up to 24 from my S/C GT and it's currently showing an average of 19.2.
  10. I get exactly the same mileage... yet to install my CAI and tune, but shouldn't change too much (may even go down) because I'll want to get on it just that much more. :D 25% UDP's should improve the mileage slightly.... maybe 1mpg without a change in your driving habits.... Changing driving habits is the number 1 way to impact MPG.
  11. 375 mile trip back from western PA yesterday and I got 23.8 MPG while doing the posted speed limit or 5 MPH over the whole way. Not bad for my modded automatic.
  12. I originally posted here

    A week or so ago, I installed a JBA cat-back on the V6 and was curious if the 'freer flowing' muffler would increase my MPG. I ran the same loop as described in my previous post and actually noticed about a .5 MPG drop. I did a run before installing (31.3) and after (30.8) ... 60 mph, 55 degrees outside, 50% humidity, no noticable wind.

    It's possible that the air demand @ 60 mph was just too little to see a difference (1750 RPM)
  13. have you changed your filters lately? if not, that could cause the difference.
  14. What's gas mileage?:D
  15. The magic # when all you have is $10 in your pocket and 100 miles to get home...:rlaugh:
  16. I'am getting 28.5 mpg with 4.0 V6 With 332 miles. on trank gas.
  17. mileage

    car only has 2000 miles on it. still breaking in?

    07 GT automatic 10mpg city streets with lots of hills, red lights, slow traffic, and small girls that can hardly see over the steering wheels of their old hooptie toyotas.

    highway is about 20-21 and that's driving rather aggressively.
  18. V8, manual. avg 15, but I drive hard, and am not the best with the stick.
  19. After the new Pypes went on, I've noticed 4 things:
    1. No more bogging after a long cruise.
    2. No more throttle-lag.
    3. The ability to "coast" without more than 1 engine-braking per gear.
    4. Better gas mileage.

    Today, I'm averaging over 30 MPG at 65-85.

    Yesterday after my fillup, this is what the computer had to say.

    Its all about driving style, knowing your car's power curve, and taking advantage of the road (downgrades).


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  20. I am averaging between 17 and 18mpg have under 2000 miles on it. I know I could do better but this cars just a toy, im not worried about the fuel as much so i'll keep my foot heavy.