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  1. I have seen several people on here break a TPS trying to adjust it to .99 volts. This is not at all needed. the range for the TPS is .53-1.27 volts at idle. Everytime you start your car the PCM takes the lowest TP voltage it sees and assumes thats closed throttle. The way the EEC V setup uses the TPS is a little different then the older EEC IV setups that the 1995 and earlier cars have.

    In the EEC V setup in our cars the PCM looks at the TP MODE ( C/T,P/T and W/T) and the throttle angle rate. so as long as your in range at idle (.53-1.27) and your WOT TP voltage is around 4.5 and it increases smoothly as you open the throttle then it's fine.

    here is the ford description of the TPS and the pid values table for a 2000 4.6 with M/T ( in the PID table below you will see TP V 1/4 of the way into the table near the bottom of the inputs)

  2. Why in the world is my tps voltage at 4 at idle and at 1 at wot? :shrug: Im pretty sure i tested it right. Its a 2001 4.6. I really need to get this ironed out. The nitrous kit i am installing will not work if the tps voltage does not increase at wot.

    can anyone help me out here?
  3. I don't know but mine was the same way. Just recently my curb idle has
    climbed. Not sure if I just need a new TPS.
  4. please post in the main forum, many who already seen this sticky will not check on it and might miss your posts.. Like how I missed both of these questions.
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