Please welcome the newest future Stangnut to our ranks.......

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  1. Arriving 10 days ahead of schedule (8-13-07) and thus having to now share her birthday for the rest of her life with her old man, Madison Elizabeth has arrived. I spent all but the first 2 hours of my birthday in the the hospital but I got the best gift I'll ever receive.

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  3. Congrats Richard! Will she be the one to finish your Vert when she's old enough?

    How's Deanna?

    Now, don't let her follow my Deanna!
  4. I wouldn't be at all surprised since I don't even have time to sleep right now.

    Dee is fine also, thanks.
  5. Congrats, that's cool, she looks like she's going to be wanting a 66 GT K-code vert though... :D
  6. Aww, Congrats!

    On topic, I just spoke with No Kitten last night. He's going to be a daddy too!
  7. Congratulations...
    Is this your 1st child?
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats, Pak! May Madison grow up to be "Daddy's Girl" and aspire to all of your dreams...... and if she manages to pass her aspirations (and your dreams) don't be surprised, just be proud. :nice:

    Oh, and a :flag: too!
  10. Thanks all. This is our first and likely our last since we are both pushing 40 now. We've had several misfortunes over the past 7 years but finally got lucky once we had pretty much given up. I'd love a shot at a boy too but I'd have to get her pretty drunk first and real soon.:rolleyes:
  11. CONGRATS!!!:nice: :nice: :nice:
    I just hope and pray that she is better at dodging feral farberware than her father!:D
  12. You're just jealous because she already has more hair than you Fritz. :p
  13. very good looking kid you got there you better get a new mustang project and start building it up for her
  14. I was thinking that the other day. I'd love to at least start her off with a 65/66 I6 Auto or something simple like that and I can't imagine what even that will cost in anoouther 16 years. I may just have to wait and see what the 2013 model looks like and buy one when it's 10 years old.
  15. My Deanna's Honda may be available then. It should have 500,000 miles on it by then!
  16. welcome to the world little one. remember that daddy, and all his friends are nutcases, but we mean well.
  17. :rlaugh:

  18. no dont get a I6, then wen shes older shes going to want more power then you will have to spend more money getting a new car or putting a v8
  19. You're right. I mean why would I want to do something boring like teaching her how to do an engine swap, she might really get hooked on the hobby then. Better to put all that power in the hands of a 16 year old girl right off the bat and just pay the insurance to boot.:rolleyes:
  20. teach her how to build the six for good power instead.