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  1. once again buddy, thanks for your time, energy, and hard earned money spent. all of us mod motor guys owe you big :)

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    :OT: Beau- Are you UCBeau? :rlaugh:
  3. sweet thanks for the link. looks like they were all pretty close together. both of the plenum test articles were good reads.
  4. lol i am sooooooooooooo original i know :)
  5. Thank you for the trouble.Nice to see these intakes arent a waste.
  6. so accufab is better then anything else huh?
  7. Absolutely! Awsome Job :hail2:
  8. Thanks again Beau for your time,energy,and money that went
    into this testing! Your numbers will help people decide which
    one is right for them! Thanks alot :nice: :nice:
  9. :scratch: But I am Beau..Matt is the guy who did the tests....
  10. Good job dude seems like ther is not really a huge diff in any of these plenums.Thanks again for all your time,money, and effort
  11. thanks....was gonna go with the C&L until now!
  12. Thanks for doing this. Again! Good reads. What was the difference between the stock plenum and the accufab combo @ 4300 rpm? Just wondering, because Ken mentions the Accufab combo made "up to 6 rwhp / 8 rwtq" more than the other three (TF, C & L, Dragon.) I am going to speculate the accufab combo made even more than that over the stock plenum, which might explain why everyone (including me) see to "feel" this mod a little. :shrug:

    Thanks again - great read.
  13. Sweet. I bought the Accufab after the last test :nice:
  14. Do list for 3.17.04
    1. Take money for girlfriends birthday present and order Accufab plenum.
    2. Drink large amounts of green beer :cheers:
  15. I've been waiting a week for this! Awesome work!!!! Does anybody have a good guess on how these plenums and throttle body would perform on a bone stock 98 gt?

    About your mods Matt, what do you think you would have gained without any of them?

    Thanks for the time, money, and work! :hail2:
  16. Now can you test all the plenums with stock 65mm TB? Just kidding, but I do wonder if the larger TB is needed on N/A cars with these plenums. Going from 70 to 75mm didn't really change a thing, but we all know the CFM increased. So I wonder if going from 65 to 70mm is really going to add any power. All of the plenums actually produced lower gains with the larger TB's when compared to the first test with 70mm TB's.

    Anyway, thanks for the article. This test proves that CFM increases don't always lead to rwhp increases.
  17. Excellent test. Thanks for all the effort.
  18. I tried to compare both 70 and 75 mm at the same graph but the graph layout is slightly different. But from the looks of it, it looks like 70mm TB performs better than 75mm TB (both peak and the whole powerband wise)

    I would like someone else to confirm this though.

    Good job Matt, what's next? Testing 4 different blowers in the same day? :D
  19. My bad..Thanks again Matt :nice: