PLS HELP? 1967 Shelby Headlights (Aftermarket)

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by jrnstang, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if they now make aftermarket Shelby Headlights that are both (combined) High & Low Beams? I know that shelby's come with seperate High and Low beam lamps but I thought that someone would have invented a combination one.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. isnt just a 6014 headlamp
  3. The outer lights are high and low beam. The inner lights are just high beams and do not have the wiring for low beams.
  4. Just use 6024 bulbs. That is what are used on 65-68 Mustangs.
  5. The 67 Shelby used the same 5" 4-bulb system as the 69 Mustang. Or Chevelle. Only 2 headlamp systems were legal in those days, the 7" 2-bulb sealed beam system, or the 5" 4-bulb sealed beam system. Cars, trucks, fire engines, all had one or the other.


  6. You mean only quad headlamp systems were legal. Dual headlamps were too 65-68 and then 70 all had only 2 headlights with hi/low beam. I don't know why 69 had 4.

    I don't see why the 6024 bulb won't fit the car if it fits a 67 68 Mustang.
  7. No, 7" dual OR 5" quad. Nothing else.

    The 67-68 Mustang had 7" diameter headlights. The 67 Shelby had 5" diameter headlights. I don't think he wants to take a Sawzall to his Shelby.
  8. I've seen some Eleanor cars use the dual 7" lights rather than the four 5" lights and there's more than a few problems. For one, there's not enough room for a trim ring, which is gonna make changing and adjusting the light a bit tough. There's no reason to NOT use the original-style Shelby headlight arrangement if you ask me. The brackets are simple and inexpensive, wiring the center lights (hi-beams) is a breeze and they look "right" in my opinion.
  9. I used a set of Hella H4 hi/lo 5 3/4" headlights. AutoPal also makes 5 3/4" H4's for alot less $.