Plug Gap W E7 And Vortech?

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  1. What should the plug gap be w Vortech 6-8# w e7 heads? Someone told me .30 but that sounds awfully tight compared to the stock .54. What do y'all think.

    Mike the newbe
  2. I was running Autolite 23's gapped at .032 on my Saleen and E7's with the Vortech. Ran perfect.
  3. Thanks
  4. The 23's, are those copper?
  5. Does anymore know what the motorcraft equivalent of autolite 24's would be?
  6. I can't remember. I'd have to look them up. You can get them at most Autozone's for around $3-4 a piece. They're 2 plugs colder than the stock plugs so perfect for forced induction.
  7. .030 gap is right on if you ask me. I would stick with the autolights in your application personally.
  8. No motorcraft?
  9. I've always had good luck with the autolight plugs in an application like yours. Standard resistor plugs nothing fancy will do the trick!
  10. Thanks bud
  11. autolite 23 copper plugs gapped @ 30-32. Pull the plugs after a few runs and check them. You should be fine there though. Are you running any aftermarket ignition box as that also comes into play with plug gap.

    Don't waste your money on gimmick plugs like splitfire, E3's. etc.
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  12. Yeah I'm a newbie at some stuff but not a dork. I know not to use bs plugs. As for ignition I'm using the retard box or whatever that comes w kit. So 23's not 24's? The reason I was asking bout motorcraft is their quality vs autolite.
  13. you want IMO at least one step colder in plug than stock.
  14. Yeah I thought stock was 25 so one colder would be 24. I'm gonna go w 23's I believe
  15. Good choice!
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  16. The reason being is that their websites don't know that you have a supercharger on your car. They only list "stock" replacement parts for "stock " Mustangs.
  17. Ok so every parts house website says 23's don't fit 95 mustang gt. advance auto even has em listed as a lawnmower plug. What's the deal?
    Thanks, i suspected as much but just making sure. Lawnmower plug n sh*t.....
  18. Can i hijack here ? @84Ttop how about for my twisted wedge heads what plug and .030 gap?
  19. Had to look all over town for 23's. Finally found em at napa n they had to bring em in from another store