Electrical Plug-n-play Fox Headlight Relay Harness?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TexasFireman, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Is there anyone other than RJM that offers one? After my last experience with RJM I definitely won't be using them again. I know I can do it myself, and if that is what it comes to I will. I would rather buy one thats ready to go if anyone else offers one. Thanks!
  2. Ive had the rjm one on two foxes (85.5 svo and 90 GT) and I highly recommend it. Very high quality and I did notice a difference in light output plus it is safer.
  3. Tell me what this does, ...does it just replace the old and broken harness or is this an upgrade in lighting, bulbs, system???
  4. The harness turns your stock wiring into a single input for the relays in the harness. This basically powers the headlights directly off the battery instead of running the high current through the headlight switch. The lighting circuit on our cars is inadequate at best. Melted headlight switches are very common. The relay harness prevents the bulbs from dimming at idle as well. A worthy investment. I have the RJM harness.
  5. Melted headlight switch.....fml
    Location wise if looking at the gauge cluster, are we talking about the top left headlight stwitch???
  6. Never seen a headlight harness upgrade, but sounds like idea.
    Unfortunately the rjm site is down so i really can't see what they offer. They are still in business right?