Plugs...and then some.

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  1. So I had the routine maintenance thread up and I knew that no one would read this and would like to hear something a little funny, sad, and just dramatizing. Well as I said I was going to do the plugs and wires. Well come to find out, the plugs looked like they had never been changed, I'm talking rust around the top and the wires, oh gosh, well everyone I pulled besides 2/8 just pull the metal piece straight out of the sleeve. Awesome right? Luckily I only broke one spark plug, and it didn't drop in my cylinder (just he porcelain and I vacuumed out the broken pieces). Then today I changed the transmission filter and gasket, that wasn't really that bad. Thank goodness. '93 Mustang LX 2.3 A4LD. Roughly 120,000 miles and spark plugs had never been changed, clearly. Well hope you got a chuckle and maybe a tear out of this. Cya Stangers!

    PS one of plugs were put in the wrong spot by the last jack ass and was right on the exhaust manifold, crisped the wire in two...maybe that's why I had a slight miss. o_O
  2. Sounds like the car is getting some much needed love. Keep it up.
  3. I'm going to change mine one of these next few weekends for the first time in probably about 70,000 miles - hopefully I'll fare a little better!
  4. I'm a huge fan of routine maintenance, great to hear another fellow 4-banger is keeping their ride on the road. Great job!
  5. Good to see you are still working on these cars ! During our travails last summer we also managed to pull a plug wire apart on one of the passenger side cylinders.

    Did you have a look at the timing belt ? Changing ours maintenance chore I dread doing. Only 62,000 miles so we have a little time ! ('93 Mustang LX 2.3L )
  6. Timing belts are easy insurance. Nothing to dread, as far as maintenance goes it is one of the easier things to do.
  7. Well thank you everyone for the support. I'm glad to hear that everyone knows these Foxbody's are worth the time and money to maintain. Thanks again for the support!!! About the timing chain/belt, I'm not super worried about it. I'm just happy that it's on the front of the motor and not the back or deeper into the motor than it is. I do need to take a gander at it though. Lol.
    It really didn't go to bad it was just the pain the ass of pulling the wires and getting the plugs out on the driver's side (being they are under the manifold and such). In my other thread a couple of people said that you didn't have to remove or move anything out of the way. I actually moved my alternator and took out the battery. Nothing crazy. I think I need to upgrade that "distributor" or coil packs soon though. Seem a little old. Not to make this too long. Haha. :banana:
  8. I only swiveled the alternator out of the way and maybe some of the intake. I get the warranty plug wires, cause it seems like every time one of the wires breaks off from the clip, especially the passenger side. Always use Autolites.
  9. I just did this to my 93 a couple weekends ago. Every plug, everyone of them save 2, were loose, I mean like 3 turns loose. I removed the orginal 1993 wires off of it, and put new motorcraft wires and autolite plugs gapped properly into it, and now it runs fantastic. I also had the timing belt break the weekend before, so I had to tune it up and replace the belt within a 2 week period, lol. 109k miles on this one. Removed the loose plugs and installed the new ones tightly and now it idles much smoother and mileage went up to almost 28 combined, running another tank through to check it out and see how this one fares. I'm driving it like I stole it, so it might not be as good as the last tank, lol.