plz help Im new to mustangs

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  1. i have a 98 mustang v6 and in 1st 2nd 3rd gear my car jerks when i hit the gas i already replaced fuel pump spark plugs and wires idk what else i need to do or if its tranny related
  2. Trans, is it Automatic or manual? It sounds like the coil pack. Since you already replaced the plugs and wires.

    And just to clarify, what do you mean the car jerks when you hit the gas? I know it shakes... but is it just one time after you hit the pedal or does it keep trying to jerk.. or buck? Does it do it if you hit the pedal lightly .. or hard.. or both?
  3. my mustang is a 98 v6 manual tranny, it jerks when i hit the gas pedel hard and soft and just today i took my car for a test after cleaning the idle air control valve, and not its doing the jerk and not wanting to go when i hit the gas until i get passed 15mph