Pm From One Of Our Members That Needs Brake Advise

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  1. He all,

    I received a message from a new member about a brake problem that he's having. The contents are below.


    Please assist.
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  3. Looks like I'm going to just try and switch out the master cylinder. See if that helps
  4. That would be my guess?

    ...but then I've never been any good at diagnosing brake problems. :shrug:
  5. I'd have thought that @Mustang5L5 would have been along by now. He's pretty good with the brake stuff. Not sure what years his knowledge extends to.
  6. Well...I hate to say it, but this is after all the SVT Tech Forum. Not a whole lot of traffic running through here?

    Almost makes me wonder if this isn't another one of those Forums that has an iffy shelf life?
  7. Let's try SN95 tech
  8. Huh... I wonder. I mean I'll keep you guys posted but honestly I mean it seems the 01 Cobra in general is kind of an extinct knowledge. I mean even the caliper has been discontinued. Had to get a rebuilt one
  9. There is a lot of good SVT info on Modular Fords.

    Sounds like you got air in the system. Also, if it is the rear that caliper screws in it does not just compress. Sometimes you have to do brake jobs twice especially seating pads or going back in to grease back sides of pads. Grease the sliders clean everything up really well, maybe even remove the brake dust shields and paint them with POR-15 then reinstalling. Paint rotor hats, calipers... All good stuff to do while in there. On rear, check torque on 36mm bolts that retain IRS bushings. Check for presence of wheel bearing dust caps on front. Check wheel bearings and tires...
  10. Yea I did a good chunk of that. New caliper (greased the sliding pins), new rotor and pads, new brake line, cleaned up the area, made sure the dust cover wasn't scraping, bleed it. Maybe your right though. After I replace the master cylinder, I'll go back through and look over the pads and press the caliper in once more
  11. also if you get air in the abs controller thing you have to have a scan tool that will have a abs service mode to bleed it properly, this will happen with master cylinder swap and I do not think you need a new one myself I think there is just air in the system
  12. Wellll f*ck me right.....:bang: Well I'm glad I found that out now. Would you happen to know what the tool looks like to bleed the abs?:search:
  13. I mean say even if I am bleeding it wrong it still wouldn't explain the caliper not compressing.... An the fact that now all a sudden the pedal won't get hard anymore? Coincidence? I dunno
  14. This exactly! Without a proper scan tool you can not bleed the abs pump on these cars properly. It is likely that there is a problem with the pump over a problem with the master cylinder
  15. In the past, I have used a Ford scan tool from the dealer for this. A friend of mine is a service tech so it's never a big deal when I need to use one. Some service shops will have this tool as well and may only want a small amount of money to bleed the brakes on your car.
  16. I don't remember receiving a notification for this. Maybe I overlooked it but usually stay on top of this stuff
  17. Not like you're busy or anything right?
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  20. I've not been getting random alerts for months now. I assumed it was just a bug in the system?