Pm From One Of Our Members That Needs Brake Advise

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  1. Seems to be hit or miss since the last update. Something else that I've noticed since then is that a lot of times, I have to refresh the page to see updates. I didn't use to have to do that. They would just pop up when an alert was made.
  2. now that you mention that, I'm noticing that too
  3. Update for everyone. ..... so I was able to find out were the air was.... re bled everything and turns out somehow the MC had a lot air in it so now the pedal is hard and the brakes are too...... only problem is the caliper. .... I drove it down the street and back and it dragged and squeaked 2x. Also now when in the air I can't even force spin the wheel. Worse then last time. Caliper isn't compressing and yes I have taken the E brake off the caliper.:dammit:
  4. ...and disconnected the hydraulic brake line from the caliper?
  5. Before that even.... That car should not be driven on the road in any form, before this is resolved.

    It needs to be fixed where it is or trailered to where it will be.
  6. Hydraulic brake line? No just the E brake to make sure that wasn't pulling. An I'm trying to fix it where it is but I just drove 100 ft to see if it still dragged and it did but now it's stuck worse then before. So I gotta figure out why it's not compressing.
  7. You're going to have to remove that brake line to see if you can then push that caliper in.
  8. Oh yea I'm doing that tomorrow. I'll keep you updated. Hope I didn't get a defective rebuilt caliper lol
  9. Would probably be the easiest fix if you did though. hehe
  10. caliper SCREWS in...
  11. Sorry I've been gone a while but I have finally fixed and solved the problem. Turns out I torn up the hub assembly where the half shaft is spindle nutted down too. Then it began to wallow out the inside of my knuckle. Thanks to I was able to get the whole assebly for around $400. Just wanted to make sure an get this down for anyone else in the future who may have a problem

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  12. Been watching this thread for a while and scratching my head the whole time. Glad you were able to figure it out.
  13. Thank you. It's one those things that not only are a pain because ford likes to discontinue parts but makes it hard for those who aren't to mechanical inclined but if needed I'll explain the whole process for whoever needs it when the day comes
  14. Tell me about it on the discontinuing parts. Going through it now on my 04.
  15. Yea on my last 03 it got in a accident and same thing they had to find some kinda ventilator thing that sits behind the wheel well but it was discontinued