PMS on the way

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by blackcloud50, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. I ordered AFM PMS today. Can't wait. Any info you guys can share with regards to installation and/or tuning would be appreciated.
  2. It should come with a base tune to get you started. Start reading up at . You'll learn A LOT there.
  3. installation is easy but hiding the wires behind the kick pannel is a PIA. well worth it when its all over with
  4. My understanding is that you have to fax back a sheet to AFM after getting PMS so they can send base tune info?
  5. Yea, I'm pretty sure that's how it works out. I bought mine used off ebay so I didn't get a base tune. I just did a little research on stangtuning and found a setup that was close to mine and used that as my base tune.
  6. Yeah, is where you will want to go for tunes. You can get the base tune from AFM...even if you did not buy it from will cost you though (I think $40).

  7. Thats how you do it and if you bought it through AFM the tune is free.

    I bought mine used and I bought a datalogging wideband and tuned my new motor on the street.

    I can help if you need it.
  8. I do need some help with idle if you can.
  9. Very simple to fix.

    Give me a little more info so I can tell you what changes to make?

    Hows it idle on a cold start? Warm start?

    What injectors and maf? Combo?
  10. Cold start idle is about 950 then down to around 900 when warm. I have 42# injectors with 80 Pro-M maf. S-trim on H,C,I 1993. Idle control is not on and my issue is the rpms take too long to get back down to my set idle rpm after I blip the throttle
  11. I thought you meant you were having surging issues. If its not surging, I wouldn't worry about it.

    What is your idle timing and fuel?
  12. You mean what the PMS display shows or what I input in the Idle adjustment menu?
  13. What you input.
  14. In the idle menu I input +34 for fuel, nothing for timing
  15. Why did you put +34% for fuel? Try putting +6 for timing. I would pull fuel out and see what happens.
  16. That much fuel was put in to stop catalytic convertors from glowing orange. My base timing is set at 10*. At warm idle the PMS dispays 15* now. So when I add the +6 will te PMS then display 21*?
  17. I forget what my PMS reads for idle timing but I think I added +8*. I guess if its not surging and the O2's switch around, you are probably fine.
  18. My O2's are not connected. Even when they are there is no change in bringing the rpms back down to idle quicker. When I added timing the idle just went up more.