PMS or Tweecer????

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  1. I was going to have a chip burnt for my car but the more I think about it I may be better off getting a used PMS or Tweecer.I some advice,pro's/con's,user friendly????
  2. What are your intentions?
    Do you plan to continue to modify the car?
    If so, how much or how often?
    What kinds of mods do you plan for the future?
    What size injectors do you run?
    Is your MAF calibrated for your EEC and injectors?
  4. Go with a PMS.

    It's much simpler to learn an operate (although more expensive) and should give you what you're looking for.
  5. Any experience with unit? I think i'm going to try finding a used one.
  6. I am also in the same dilemma. I currently have a dyno tuned chip but recent displacement upgrades have caught me being lean. Now unless I can get this side deal done, a reburn will cost roughly $500 all done which is the price of a used PMS unit. I am willing to learn but not happy that I will have to start from a stock tune since once I pull the chip, I will have to start from scratch.

    Sorry for the quick post high-jack, just in the same position as you. Let me know if you come around any used PMS's!
  7. I'm willing to learn but I just want to get in over my head.My car has no tune on it now so this would be my baseline.Looking to hear about people getting one & starting from scratch.How long is the learning curve.
  8. I went with the TwEECer myself. The learning curve is quite steep, the deeper you get into it. The first few steps are fairly easy, and will give you the most noticable difference in driveability. I changed my injector slopes, MAFS curve, and deleted my EGR and thermactor values, and instantly the car ran better. No more floating idle, no more stumble at cold start, no more stumble while crusing at low RPMs. The car drives like a dream. Now I am getting ready to start getting involved a little more so I can squeeze some power out of it....which is where the steep learning curve comes in.
  9. It sounds like the PMS is a litttle more user friendly...Anybody else???
  10. Not many folks would argue that the PMS is quicker to learn than the tweecer.
    I have gone to the tweecer as well.
    Support is great, as there are a couple of tuning forums with very helpful folks. It's almost like once you start tuning you become part of a group. Guys are very willing to help one another, and the exchange of information get pretty intense.
    You won't be in over your head with either option, as you will always be able to find help!

    I like the tweecer's ability to datalog, and I don't remember if the pms has that ability.

    You will need a Wideband O2 sensor with either option. The cheapest I have found for use with the tweecer is the LC-1 from Innovate for $200.

    I traded in my desktop for a laptop. Or you can find laptops on ebay for less than 350.

    You can download the tweecer software from their site.

    I do believe Mike (creator of the tweecer) has said that he can pull a custom tune from a chip, and send you the file in either a .bin or .ccf?
    Contact him to confirm that.
    In my experience Mike is very supportive of the hardware he sells. The software isn't upgraded as often as some folks would like, but you will be able to make any change you need, if using a common v8 or turbo 2.3 computer.

    That is all I can ramble about right now,
    Let us know if you make a decision or have more questions.
  11. Thanks for your info Jason,I have access to a dyno for short money that has wide band.I've got a couple leads on used Pms'.I will update what I decide to do.
  12. PMS hands down, easy to learn and tune with. if you plan on tuning yourself buy one of the many available wide band O2 kits
  13. PMS hands down, very easy to learn and tune with, if you plan on tuning yourself buy one of the many available wide band O2 kits
  14. I'm running an older series II PMS, and I like the fact that it's quick and easy to does have some shortcomings compared to the twEECer though. Like Fett mentioned, you can turn off all your emissions equipment, and modify your MAF transfer, injector scalars, change CID, injector size, you name it. With twEECer it can be modded. PMS on the other hand-or at least mine-you can't turn off certain things, and modifying fuel and timing curves is based on percentages and degrees at given RPM's and load conditions. The newer PMS has more functions and resolution is better, but for my purposes, $400 for a used PMS is quite a good deal, and I can change whatever I need to change-even on the I just need to study that surging idle checklist and see if I can get the damn thing to quit it...

    ...+1 for the PMS
  15. Well I took the plunge & bought a used PMS,older style but it has all the functions I need.I should have it the beginning of next week & if the weather continues to be in mid 50's,I'll start tuning on it.
  16. When you get the PMS, you should call AFM and they have a start up sheet that you can fax them and they will send you a "start up program" to get you rolling so you dont have to start from scratch. They may charge you as you bought it used but its worth a shot and should save you some time.
  17. I was actually thinking of that then I found & there is a base tune listed for blower cars.I'll start with that till I get to the dyno.