PMS Trouble Codes

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  1. Does anyone know how to read them. Instead of the manual listing each one you have to figure them out by 1,2,3,4 digits and letters. I just got a C300 and 8000 code. I have no clue how to figure them out.
  2. Looking at the manual on their website....

    C300: #3 = Missing Water Temp Signal #4 = Missing TPS Signal which comes from the "C" part. And "3" = #1 = Spark input fault #2 = Spark output fault

    8000:#4 = Missing TPS Signal

    So basically you have 4 slots that can give you errors. Slot 1, 2, 3, 4. Take what is in each slow, so say for slot 1, its a "D". Then go to the manual, and in the chart on the left, it says D = Problems #1, #3, & #4. So then, you go to the "first digit problems chart" and look at problems 1,3,4. Then you move on to the second digit. The 2nd digit may say.....4. So then the chart on the left says 4 = Problem #3. SO then u go to the chart that says "second digit problems chart" and you read #3. And you repeat the same for the 3rd and 4th digits if they are non zero.

    Now for your codes....spark input/out is not a problem. Thats due to our ignition setup. Missing TPS signal...i forget the cause of that, but im pretty sure that is "normal" too. Nothing too much to worry about. I could be wrong, its been a while on this stuff.

    I have no idea on the water temp error code.

    Hope i was of some help man.

  3. Troy mentioned to me about the water temp signal. I had no idea it checked for that. I don't have the heater lines on the intake anymore. The sensor is screwed directly into the lower intake. I need to check the wiring and make sure its not farged up.

    Thanks Nate, I understand how it works now.
  4. No problem man :nice: