PMS Tuning for E85........

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  1. I was filling up the other day @ a sunoco that sells pretty much any fuel possible. All grades of gas, E85 and 100 octane race fuel :eek:.
    I thought about how nice it would be to be to be able to run my car on E85, just to say I can.
    I do have a PMS V4, and don't really know where to start with the tune. I would think it would definitely require a wideband.....Any ideas.
    I know this subject was covered on another forum, but no real ideas on how to.......
  2. Just be careful with E85 as it can degrade aluminum, rubber fuel lines, injector seals, fuel pump, etc.

    E85 I believe requires around a 10:1 a/f ratio (stoich) and being it is around 102-104 octane, you can increase the timing a good amount and extract that extra horsepower.
  3. It also takes quite a bit more e85 than gas to make the same amount of power so even though it is cheaper be prepared for your actual mileage to take a dive.

    *Also means your fuel delivery system has to be beefed up considerably to deliver the same power
  4. You don't want to run straight ethanol on a non-ethanol factory prepped car. A 20% ethanol/gas blend is considered the safe limit.
  5. E85 302

    Good stuff!

    I have a 302 junk engine I am running E85 test on now :) If I have no issues I will start setting up my daily driver. The only thing that bothers me is you need about 30lbs Injectors for a basically stock engine. That is figuring
    80% duty cycle and a BSFC of .5

    (14.7 / 10) * (Engine HP * BSFC) / (Number of Injectors * (Injector duty cycle*100))