Poilsh Manifold???

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  1. How do you polish a manifold I have a new one for my car but the stock one is one ugly sob, so if i can save it and sell it How do you polish???Ireally would like to know I probaly have all the tools.Please help
  2. Do a search, you'll see tons of threads with all your answers.
  3. Its not worth the time. I polished mine when I used to use it on the car and it took all day. Its been sitting in my garage for about 3 years so I decided to clean it up and sell it, the highest offer I got for it was $60. So back in the garage it sits. In my opinion all days work, the millions of discs for my 2" grinder and sandpaper and compounds, plus the manifold are worth alot more. Just my 2 cents.
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    They look really good when their done right. I paid $100 to have mine polished by a pro. The car that intake is on is currently getting a new engine. :)
  5. I just went and got the stuff that i think i read will work.

    I got 80..(they didnt have 120)..180...220....320..then 400.

    I also got mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

    I am doing this by hand so will the above stuff work to polish my intake?
  6. Yes.

    SuperchargedB87 is right. Polished stock intakes never go above $100 for upper and lower on ebay. I have one I need to sell, I'll probably be able to make my money back, but I know it's not going to go for much....
  7. okkkkk how though do you spray ,pain,dip...????/What is the process to make anyhting for that matter polish.Tahnks
  8. u have to sand your ass off. start with 80 grit..do the whole piece..then redo with 120 then redo with 180 then with 220 then with 320. some stop here but some go to 400 and some even go to 600 and 1000...final result depends on teh sanding...then u have to buff it with tripoli compound with a buffing wheel eitehr on a drill or bench grinder. then final step is polishing with white rouge compound-same way as buffing..
    and it is not true that polished stuff doesnt sell. Maybe the stock intake doesnt but other stuff goes for some pretty crazy prices on ebay. ive seen cobra intakes go for 580...mine is on ebay now, its been on for 6 hours and is up to 130 already and started at 9....good luck with teh polishing
  9. B87 - ill take that polished intake off your hands for 50 bucks...hey its only collecting dust :shrug: lol
  10. If you really want to do it right, go to this site below and look under the polishing category. They even have a Free Polishing booklet you can download that tells you how to do it. Look to the left side of the menus for this. Also you can buy the everything you will need here.

    Good stuff man :nice:

  11. cermachrome is a cheap way to make any part in ur engine bay look nice.. I got my trick flow done it looks sweet with other polished parts.. http://www.performancecoatings.com/

    check out that webpage.. good luck !
  12. So if i do al this sanding crap i can make my intake look like that?????????????????????????????
  13. Yeah it works i didnt think it would be shiny but it is. I did a test on one of my rad support bars and it took me 2 hours just to do the tip but it is shiny. Lots of sanding tho
  15. B87 - ill take that polished intake off your hands for 50 bucks...hey its only collecting dust lol