Polished 10 Holes

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  1. I had my original 10 holes polished. Just sharing some pics:





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  2. That is the best Idea I've seen around here in ages...beyond well done!!
  3. nice I should do that to my turbines.
  4. Nice i just polished an upperintake im looking for somevalve covers to polish...
  5. Dave, you'll probably find a pair sitting on top of your heads...
  6. I wanna do a set slowly on the side... My car is my daily driver so i dont want down time. Im gonna put them all on at once along with new motor mounts and gaskets while in PA this summer..
  7. hopefully

    I was going to maby atempt doing some polishing this year I already have a spare set of valve covers and I can get another upper intake but I might just put a better one on if I will be changing it anyway.
  8. those look amazing!!!! very well done!
  9. looks great...Ive been thinkin about doing mine for a while. Did the wheels have any scrapes on them beforehand?
  10. Yes, the wheels looked like ass before. All sorts or curb rash, etc.. Nothing major but enough to look pretty bad. I actually tried to polish one of the wheels beofre I took them in. I messed up the wheel pretty bad with 80 grit sand paper trying to remove the original finish. They were able to remove all the scratches.
  11. i am impressed on the work, but they might look good if they werent so damn small!

    and what happened to your other wheels?!?!?!
  12. I think it looks awesome man. It goes well with the car.
  13. They are going up for sale with the tires. Less than 500 miles on the rims and tires.
  14. Those look sweet. The difference is like night and day

    I have an old set i was thinking of polishing. Looks like i might get to it

    Good job
  15. Thanks guys for the comments!!

    I can not take any credit for doing any of the work. Best Metal Polishing in Lilburn, GA did the job!:hail2:
  16. You know, when I read the title of this thread I thought to myself "Who the fu*k would do that and why?" I was so wrong, they look awsome :hail2: as well as the the whole package, real nice man:nice:
  17. :nice: :nice: :nice: i LOVE phone dials.
  18. My car has 10 hole wheels and I have another set of 10 holes with snow tires.

    I hardly ever have to add air to them compared to other aluminum wheels.They seem to hold air almost forever.

    I hear of others ****ing about having to add air all the time with their aluminum wheels.

    (Example,my mother has a 97 Honda Accord with aluminum wheels that leaked air so bad around the rim that the tires had to be dismounted and sealed around the rim with silicone to stop the leaks).

    I wish my 10 holes looked that good though.
  19. how much