Polished Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover

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  1. Anyone have an idea where I can locate a polished brake fluid reservoir cover similar to what's shown in this pic?

  2. Mr. Showcar.....

    I have nothing worthwhile to add here...
  3. I can tell you one thing he must not want to drive the car... @84Ttop @madspeed he will be sitting in his garage polishing all this bling"! Lmfao
  4. me like shiny, and she's been out a few times this year!
  5. @mikestang63 , looking for the reservoir cover, not the cap, but thanks for trying!
  6. Pics?

    Here's an old pic (4 months) before the Taurus fan and U/D pulleys with covers.... It's my DD BTW

    View attachment 125464

    View attachment 125465
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  7. This!!!!^^^^^ i love this im gonna buy stock in mothers polishes because you guys will be polishing a lot of metal painted bays ftmfw!!!
  8. The way she sits currently


    Planning on a bay shave and paint to body color this upcoming winter
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