polished firewall cover

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of a supplier (or stangnet member) who makes/sells polished firewall plates for 87-93 stangs. I had a few contacts a few months ago , but their info was lost. Any help would be apreciated- THANKS GUYS
  2. I'm all out, but I can vouch for Brent @ 2Kool being a good guy to buy from :nice:
  3. Since Dave is out, you might want to contact... tstang90 I know he had some.
  4. I can vouch for TStang90 being good to deal with too :nice:

    Didn't know he still made them either.
  5. last I checked he wasnt sure if he had any left- Dave you led me to Tstang90, and since he is out I made a post looking for others. I procrastinated getting one, and now I guess Im stuck looking for one.
  6. Spence at 2kool performance has 'em :shrug:
  7. Clicky Here

    The scroll down to the firewall shield.