Polishing with White Rouge

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  1. Heya im a newbie to the "polishing" scene and i bought some white rouge and triploi and some sewn buffing wheels. Are the compounds suppost to be a hard rock because they are tearing the wheels to shreds. :shrug:
  2. I just got into polishing a week or so ago. The tripoli and white rouge tearing the cotton buffs up is evidently normal, and will stop. I tried heating the tripoli with a lighter for about ten seconds, not long enough for it to melt, just long enough for it to get warm(it was cold as dirt the day I started). I found that you have to use some force with the buff(bear down on it)so it will pick up the tripoli or rouge. I also learned not to put to much tripoli on(it will gum up and stick to what you are polishing).
    I had some decent success with it, but the TC valve cover I was polishing was a really bad casting. So I just went back and hit it all over with the 180 grit poly wheel for a satin hi-tec finish(like the one 140 has on his car). I think it will go better with what I have planned.
    Hope you have good success with your project!
  3. Are you using a buffer or a grinder/drill to use the wheels. Mine completly shredded apart. I wasnt even use much force . I just turned the grinder on and pressed some compound on and it would just tear away. So i tryed it with the grinder off and it didnt even come off on the wheel. :rlaugh: Any tips would be awsome ! :D
  4. I used a $30 Ryobi drill. The polishing kit I bought at Home Depot for $12 said to apply the tripoli at low speed to heat it up. I found this did not work, maybe cause it was so cold out, hence using the lighter. Maybe if you are using an AIR grinder which would spin faster than an electric drill, you could completely shred a buffing wheel. Does the grinder have a throttle or some other speed control? This may help you to slow it down to avoid destruction. :shrug:
    Are you cramming the polish into the wheel or just letting the wheel brush it on the edge?
  5. im putting the compound on the whole wheel. Its really cold out here to (snowing) and i was outiside so i think that may not of helped. :p . I went to home depot and couldnt find anything. Who makes it maybe i can find it online and get a #?

    Thanx !
  6. You two are getting me worried. I am getting a Die Grinder for my Compressor this x-mas, and I was going to use it for polishing my intakes and head. I dont think the one that I am getting has a speed control, just on and off.
  7. i dont have a speed control eather im just using a grinder. My first thing i polished came out good but it could of been better.

    kiddiccarus: some advice i can give you is get bench clamp or somthing to hold small objects cuz you will make them FLLLYYYY. :rlaugh:
  8. Buffing for distance????? I will be running 90 psi so i think I could get some good yardage!!!!
  9. kiddiccarus, you should get one with a speed control, on my drill I can manipulate the speed with trigger pressure. I cannot imagine being stuck with one speed: wide open.
  10. yours is electric though isnt it?
  11. Yeah, it's just a $30 RYOBI electric drill I got at Home Depot a year or so ago, sometimes I think it doesn't have enough RPMs though. However, I can control the speed, which is good. I just haven't had the extra funds to get an air set-up yet.
  12. I have not seen an air one yet that is adjustable but i have not been looking long either.