Poll for GT500 Owners? How many miles so far?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by jmoore16, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. How many miles do you have on your GT500, and when did you get it?

    Thanks guys,


    PS - I will give an answer that will suprise many of you if a bunch of folks answer this poll!
  2. Well mine currently has 0 or so... :p Should arrive at the dealership next week.

    I wont get to drive her until June though, she is getting a make over.

    Now to get some jaws dropping, we currently have a 1 off CDC Glass Roof being produced and installed. :eek:
  3. CDC glass roof...

    Wow! Great. Send us some pics.

    Is the CDC roof a one-off? I thought George had a few cars out there and also had a roof for sale. Guess I was wrong.

  4. this glassback will be different than any other you have seen.
  5. Bought mine last Monday, March 12th with 32 miles. One week and 873 miles (300 the first day driving home). Even spent its first Friday night at the grudge matches at the Atlanta Dragway (Commerce).
  6. 80.3 miles here, picked up 03/01/07.

    Oh, and first post :SNSign:
  7. nice collection you have there! welcome to :SNSign:
  8. Thanks!
  9. Glad to see you made it over! :SNSign:

  10. Dealer tells me it's on a truck and will arrive Monday. Hope to have some pics.

    We need to get some discussion going on in here now.. :D

  11. Can hardly wait. Post a link in the staff forum so we can all drool.
  12. how many miles ?

    Picked mine up in Detroit August 2006. (powerlease purchase). Drove back home to Colorado (1600 miles). Have been driving on good weather days. First oil change last week at 3655 miles. Love My CAr!:D

  13. Yea we do..
  14. Miles

    2422 miles :nice:
  15. I think I'm still around 88 or so.. :nonono:
  16. 6500 km's and loving it

    I received my car (Vista Blue w/ White stripes) in August 2006. I have clocked 6500km's so far. Canadian from Windsor.

    Love the car and the fastest Mustang I own.
  17. Picked up red GT 500 August of '06. Currently has 3800 miles. Includes 2000 miles put on in January when My wife and I drove from Ky to Ocala, Fl. Bought it to drive
    and enjoy with my other "toys." No complaints at this time.
  18. Tungsten Grey is the best color................................
  19. :cheers: