Poll: FR500 or '03 Cobra seats?

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Which seats?

  1. FR500 CST seats

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  2. '03 Cobra Take off's

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  1. FR500 or '03 Cobra seats?

    A set of FR500 seats from Classic Soft Trim is about $1500 installed, or I can get a set of the '03 Cobras shipped to me for about $1150 (out of a wrecked car). Opinions?
  2. I will be the first to repond. From just having my FR500's installed I say get them.

    They are way more comfortable then the Mach1 seats. I haven't sat in the new Cobra's but the FR500's rock.
  3. are there any pictures of the FR500 seats on classic soft trims site? and how bout the pricing not installed? The ones i have seen i liked very much.
  4. the seats from the cobra are $1150 uninstalled right?
  5. FR500!!! :hail2: You can get them in the leather of your choice, the cobra has cloth in the center :nonono:
  6. what do you mean you can get them in the leather of your choice- doyou mean colors of your choice?
  7. It's a fake suede insert in the '03 Cobra seats, not cloth. The passenger seat seems *ok* for comfort but for me, the driver's seat is HORRIBLE. Plus you have the stupid Cobra stitched into it. Not even a decision IMO, get the FR500 seats, the Cobras suck.
  8. A local friend thats also on here has the FR500s in his car and they're pretty damn nice. They have to be installed by Ford, but they do kick ass. I wasnt all that impressed by the 03 Cobra seats other than the head rest for some reason.
  9. You got pics of your setup?
  10. i was looking at cobra seats, but changed my mind when i heard that they are super heavy. who wants that? :shrug:
  11. Who told you that? i installed my own. Took about three days taking my time to do a top notch job. Besides I would never trust an idiot at the dealer to install a $1500 leather package. :nonono:
  12. There might be blood stains on the 03 seats if it came from a wrecked car? Besides, for that kind of money they better be brand new. Go with the FR500.
  13. what do the FR500's look like?
  14. You should be able to get NEW complete '01 or '03 Ford Cobra seats front and back for $1500. I have priced them from a couple of dealers and they were both right around that ball park. I priced all the pieces but, FRPP is now selling the seats as a unit in the '04 catalog. Also just to clarify, the FR500 package is just new leather and foam for your existing seat frames.

    Here is a picture of TJM01's seats

  15. The FR500s are so perfect. I sat in a stang with them and I love them. The '03 Cobra seats are also really comfortable... I guess you gotta decide with your rear.
  16. FR 500's There is no substitute!!!!!!!!!!
  17. can u choose the color of the leather?
  18. yes you can. BTW, nice avatar mike...

  19. His would be the ones I sat in. Lots of side bolstering.

    WOT... the Dealer I had asked about them... maybe I should look elsewhere, lol
  20. I can only speak for the 03 Cobras, to which they are by far the most comfortable seats in a sports car I have ever sat in.