Poll: FR500 or '03 Cobra seats?

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Which seats?

  1. FR500 CST seats

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  2. '03 Cobra Take off's

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  1. I havn't sat in the FR500s and although they do look comfortable they dont look like they would keep you from moving side to side very much... the 03 Cobras were very comfortable and when taking turns they keep you put...
  2. where can u buy fr500 seats from?
    show me websites! :D

  3. Just go here and find an authorized dealer in your area. http://www.cstdi.com/how.html

  4. The side bolsters are huge on the FR500's. You are not going anywhere.
  5. Can I get some background info ont eh FR500s?

    Where did they come from? Why are they so special??
  6. Yes...You can choose the color of the seats. Two colors on one seat is standard :nice:
  7. haha thanks stangman...

    is it possible to just buy the 2 front seats or do you have to buy the 2 front and the back?
  8. here are mine in blue and gray.

  9. Quick question...I'm sure i want these seats but i was curious is the leather an exact match for the dark charcoal. Do they match it to your model year and everything? I dont want something thats slightly off from the rest of the interior.

  10. My vote would be the FR500's because you can choose your colors and they are bad to the bone. However, you can't go wrong with the cobra seats either. Anyone who says the cobra seats are in any way not awesome is mentally deficient.
  11. Cobra headrest is amazing. Mine are all leather Anniversary seats and are the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in.
  12. I have a gray and charcoal interior and I got the Dark Charcoal and Nickel leather, it is a exact match! :nice:
  13. This is a tough choice. I have sat in FR500 seats before. They are comfortable and they will definitely hold you in place, no question. And that may be the ONLY reason I wouldn't buy them. I kind of felt like I couldn't move my body. When I am driving, I like to shift positions sometimes and I felt I wouldn't be able to do that in the FR500's.

    And I own a 03 Cobra so I can comment on those seats. Personally, they are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in. I love them. You can actually use the headrest, they hold you in place, and they look nice. Of course these are all my personal opinions, so you may feel differently if you sat in them. My friend who owns a Mach hates my Cobra seats.

    Good luck in your decision. :nice:

  14. Yep, same colors and mine match exactly. I wish I had a digital camera. They look an feel awesome. :nice:
  15. FR500's were first used in the FR500 concept car back in 2000. Its basically a package that replaces the bottom and back foam with more agressive bolsters to keep you in place better. They also give you a new two tone seat cover that you can get in any color combinatio you want. I wish they existed when I got my Corbeau's, I probably would have gotten the FR500's.
  16. Anyone who says the '03 Cobra seats suck are smoking crack. These seats are awesome, and $1150 is a fair price for near-mint-condition seats.

    As far as the FR500 seats go, I have never sat in them ... but they certainly look great. My only concern would be that since they are built up on the frame of the stock GT seats, do they fit anything goofy like the GT seats? I dunno, but I'd have to sit in them first, I guess...