~POLL~ how dose my 83 sound ~VID~

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How Dose Stang Sound

  1. Sounds Great For A V6

  2. Sounds like ****

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  1. Ummm...well....It looks nice, I can give it that:D

    No but seriously, It sounds alright for a sixxer I guess
  2. vote that then. :nice:
  3. It does sound really good for a v6.
  4. I think it sounds good.

  5. yeah, sounds great for a v6... what are you using cherry bombs ?

  6. turbo mufflers. im going to do flowmaster in spring. i may leave it dumped so it will be loud as hell or i may do 2 1/2 SS tips. undeicded as of now. all i know is i want it loud. :D
  7. doesnt sound too good, but then again thats my opinion
  8. You need the 2 cylinder bolt on kit, then you'll sound real good.
  9. 2 quiet.....
  10. My civic stock is louder. (not sounds good or bad) It was just very quiet.
  11. sounds like my moms ford freestar.....
  12. funny it sounds like my friends 90 plymouth voyager haha, has a nice little rumble i guess, or it was probably just the camera ;)
  13. the wind was blowing right across the mic.

    BTW do your parents know you curse on the internet? I dont think theyd like that.
  14. :rolleyes:
  15. I think it sounds alot better than those fart pipes that guys are runnin on thier civics :D
  16. my car is alot louder then a civic....

    but you go to take into consideration its not a V8 and all i have is turbo mufflers. over the winter. maybe headers will be added. need to bring our welder home first. along with flow master dumped or out to tips. idk yet.......

    but for now it don't sound bad.... ill post a sound clip of before we did anything to it....the day we bought it if you want.
  17. and it also helps if you have nice speaker.... that have some bass to it so you can really hear the little rumble the car has.
  18. and thats aloud to be....

    i hope after i do the flowmaster it will have a deeper tone. im going to have a h pipe put in to while im at it. :D


    the paint date for the car has been set to this spring. the top well be done along with that.

    where dropping the insurance on both of the mustangs as of Monday :sad: so tomorrow my dad is taking me out to drive my car a little bit before it's done....i hate this time of the year.
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