~POLL~ how dose my 83 sound ~VID~

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How Dose Stang Sound

  1. Sounds Great For A V6

  2. Sounds like ****

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  1. :nice:
  2. haha yeah that would be nice....

    but dad says no v8 for a bit
  3. The flowmaster is just going to make the car sound more like a ricer. I had 40 series flow on my camaro and it sounded like ass. If you want a deep tone just dump it after the cat.

  4. if thats the case then what should i do. i want it louder... any other mufflers out there that can do it for me? would a x pipe into the turbos make it louder? :shrug:
  5. You have a y pipe stock. No matter what its not going to sound throaty unless you just straight pipe it.
  6. it is stright piped. into turbo mufflers then its dumped.... i was thinking of having a h pipe welded in but idk.

  7. and it dose dound throaty....the cam that i am using is a digita; cannon that sucks. ill see if i can borrow my buddies cam corder and get another video
  8. Yep... oh... I suppose I should have mentioned the other 2 cylinders. My bad. :D
  9. mhm lol
  10. Your car sounds like chewbacca taking a **** ryan.

  11. compared to yours............it dose.
  12. Ya know... I was just sitting here and wondering.. "What would Chewy sound like if he were taking a dump?"

    What a coinkydink!
  13. We have opposite goals Ryan... I've got about the quietest exhaust system I could think of and it's still pretty damned loud. You're trying to get yours louder while I'm trying to quiet things down a bit without sacrificing power.

    They're Bassani 1 3/4 shorties, Bassani catted X-pipe, and Bassani Quiet Thunder cat back. Here's hoping I don't move into a state that measures the decible output of the exhaust. hehe
  14. I meant real straight piped meaning no mufflers.
  15. Hey Daggar, next time you have the camera with you, can you put it near the blower? I've always wondered how the KB sounds on a 5.0? I've heard them whine on 4.6s but not on 5.0s

  16. better yet, for the sake of the thread, I wanna hear a v6 with a kenne bell on it. With straight pipes, a set of cat's and 9 chambered flowmasters. That would sound sweet.
  17. 5ohs don't whine so much. Most of the whine you hear on the modulars is the air being forced through the intercooler... If you hear the whine on a 5oh at other than idle, it's too late... Your asswhoopin is over. hehe
  18. You might be able to find one in the V6 forums.
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