~POLL~ how dose my 83 sound ~VID~

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How Dose Stang Sound

  1. Sounds Great For A V6

  2. Sounds like ****

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  1. I know once you hear it whine, you're already gone. But I'm down here in NC, so I can't even challenge you to hear it whine, if you beat me.

    What I'm asking, is if you can make a vid. that you rev the car up, and hold the revs. for a few seconds around 4,000 or where ever the KB starts up at. I know the idle whine isn't there, but I know at WOT, it whines.
  2. I'll give that a shot one day but I doubt it'll make any noise like that. You don't hear it at all if the bypass vavle is open. You'll only hear it when the bypass is closed and you're actually making boost.

    I'll give it a shot once I get some tuning done and get the smaller (more boost) pulley installed. Once I get the thing upwards of 10 - 14 psi, I imagine I'll hear it a lot more often.
  3. Well, when you get your gas guzzling pulley, put the camera inside, and go play around. That way we can be sure it will make noise.
  4. Make no mistake... it DOES make noise... it's just not nearly as loud as what you might hear on an 03/04 Cobra.
  5. That's what I thought. Can I get a vid. of the noise it DOES make?

    Well, its late on the East Coast, and I'm a crippled, so I'm going to sleep. Another long day of lying in bed awaits me.
  6. god your life must be terrible, laying in bed and all.....:)
  7. :rolleyes:
  8. LOL DUDE stop planning on spending money on a v6. Seriously wahts wrong with you, your going to get flowmasters, and now headers?! Dont touch your exhaust lol, seriously when I hear a loud camaro or mustang v6 I just sit in my car and LAUGH. Leave it stock till you can afford the v8. Its not even worth it.
  9. tourettes guy! hahahaha the best.
  10. Ahhh **** you, you're grounded.
  11. Yeah... consider it a sound clip with some crappy video in it. :D

  12. It's fun for the first school/work day you miss, but after a week, you just want to be able to move. I've gotten to the point that I don't even like going to the bathroom anymore, its only piss, and I have to sit down becuase the blood rushes to my bad leg and it hurts if I try to stand.
  13. Uh oh, I hope Tim and Fiveo stay away from this thread. A worse CT could be near.
  14. Hes right! my friend and i put a 40 series on his 99 jeep cheroke 4.0 v6 and it sounded ricer so we took of the cat. now it doesnt sound as bad but has a winding sound to it. My other friend friend has a 1995 toyota 4 runner with the v6 and he has a 40 series with no cat and its louder than the jeep but the 4 runner sounds like a boat. Best way to go straight pipe after cat. Have heard both car straight pipe with no cats thats the loudest. Sounds good after cat with no muffler

  15. i may be getting a coupe so im going to leave this the way it is till i find out more on the coupe.
  16. "Sounds like ****" ftw! hahahahah
  17. No your not. Every sunday to the day its im getting a new car.. Then monday comes around and everyone tells you to buy it and its followed by another lame excuse. Save your money and wait till your 16 then go buy a car.

  18. Not slammin you bro, but don't post excuses when you ask for opinions.

    As far as sound, it'd be cool if you took a closer up vid. It was so quiet I couldn't catch except the droney type sound it makes when it accellerated.. And I've got a BIG 5.1 stereo setup on my computer, so I could have turned it up louder, but you still can't catch details.

    And big props that it's a nice 4 eye car. :flag:

  19. well said.:nice:
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