Polyurethane Engine Mounts?

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  1. Do they make polyurethane engine mounts for convertibles? I have an 88 Vert that needs a new oil pan and figured I might as well do the engine mounts while I'm down there but I wanted something better then stock but didn't want solid mounts.
  2. I think the regular poly mounts are based off of the vert mounts. They seemed to have raised my block up a bit when I put them in.
  3. energy suspension are modeled after vert mounts, prothanes use the hardtop style as a template. they are interchangeable, the vert mounts are just a better design and tend to sit lower. iirc, the factory used vert-style mounts across the line from 91/92.
  4. Ah, I had it the wrong way around.
  5. prothane mounts look like vert mounts, but apparently they do not lower to engine like vert or energy suspension mounts do. i have a set of prothane mounts that i got with a project 93 vert i just acquired. i plan on using them on my 87 gt, but i haven't put them on yet.
  6. Got it so I'll go with Energy Suspension when I get new mounts. Thanks
  7. I used them in my Mod-Fox project. That thing grabbed gears hard. Poly mounts and a Spec Stage II clutch kit....hard shifting car! Chirpin gears was a lot of fun in that thing, you could do it at slow speeds and low RPM's.
  8. I used energy suspension motor/trans mount on my '87 and loved them. Seemed like a much better design than the factory hardtop mounts I removed.
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