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Do you want the Shelby or the SVO/SVT labels in the new generation?

  1. Shelby (GT350, GT500).

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  2. SVO/SVT, Cobra.

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  3. Neither--Ford needs to come up with something completely fresh.

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  4. Both--I want the SVO/SVT, Cobra, GT350, and GT500 options or any derivative combination.

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  1. It would be cool in 2015, the 5oth anniversary model, which is to be a global market Mustang, to see it go back to its roots with a GT350 to replace the Boss 302, which will not extend production beyond 2013. As such, we would have Mustang, Mustang GT, GT350, and GT500.

    The point of the GT350 was to give the Mustang a serious and sporty image, accomplishing that by improving the carburetor and the suspension, permitting it to win its class at the races. Why not do similarly but with a unified labeling system, unlike the Boss nomenclature?

    But then I thought about the fact that we might see another turbo'd Mustang, an ecoboost SVO as a gas sipping performance Mustang. And since the styling is supposedly going to change, maybe we should go away from the Shelby labels and return to the SVT ones. Perhaps we could have Mustang, Mustang SVO, Mustang GT, and Mustang SVT Cobra.

    Since previously we have seen the Mach 1 and Bullitt as slight upgrades to the GT, maybe a new icon is in the works for 2015 to add yet one additional option to the lineup? I would like to see one along with the return of the SVO/SVT labels.

    I find it interesting as I ponder the lineup options in the 2015 and the direction Ford will take with the new generation. But what do you think about the potential lineup?
  2. SVT > everything
  3. 2015 is not the 50 year anv. Someone that just won a freakin Stang should know that.

    Now the SVO makes sense if they do an Eco Boost version which I am sure they will. As far as an SVT, dont see it happening. Having the Shelby badge is what allowed Ford to sell so many more Cobras where as the 03/04s seemed to sit in showrooms for quite some time.
    The last GT350 (2011) was a bad ass but took away from the Bosss which was supposed to be between the GT and the GT500.

    I dont care if they call is a Mach, SVT, Cobra, SVO etc etc. If its a good looking car with great performance and nice interior, well thats all I care about. They could call it the Mustang Geoff for all I care. LOL
  4. Condescension notwithstanding, I know the calendar anniversary is 2014 as the original Mustang was a '64 1/2. I thought, perhaps wrongly I admit, that Ford was doing an anniversary model in 2015 to coincide with '65, the first full year for Mustang production in order to commemorate a new era.

    When you say GT350 from 2011, wasn't that supercharged and only available for limited orders from Shelby American? If Ford were to retain the Shelby nomenclature for mass production, I would like a naturally aspirated GT350 like the '65.

    But if we have an SVO, I who appreciate continuity, would also like to see SVT Cobra rather than GT500. It just doesn't feel right using a non-retro design with the Shelby heritage.
  5. That was a standard SN jab. Chin up, thick skin.

    The GT350 was first available without a supercharger. The supercharger was an option. And just like the original GT350 it was a limited car and thats how it should stay. As for ANV cars I have had a few. My very first car was an 84.5 GT350 hatch. Also had a 35th 1999 vert. 2015 should not be a anv year car. Shure it will be a new car but the body ies have always been the old body to be the anv edition car with the exception of the 1999 which really was just a carry over platform anyway. I am sure the 2014 outgoing body will have some special anv badge on it somewhere.

    As for the in house SVT Stang, just dont see it happening. It was a big "to do" when Ford was building the 03/04 Cobras in house.... well in a seperate building. They had to ramp down/up regular Stang production to slip in the special cars that had to be put together differently. I am sure thats another reason they outsourced to Shelby.

    With the passing of Shelby though Ford may no longer deal with them. They have been picky in the past about whos running the show on companies they deal with so they may not like the new Shelby management structure.
    Besides, it was good old Carrol himself that made the GT500 and GT350 so great. His team would come up with stuff that was "good enough" and he always would say "Needs more power, needs to corner better etc etc" Without him pushing them I dont think future Shelby cars will be that great in which case we may see a return of the SVT badged Mustang.

    I am perfectly happy with a base Stang, an SVO with the Eco Boost, a regular GT, a Boss for handling and a SVT and/or Cobra for pure power. Seems like a good lineup. Bet the SVO would sell like hot cakes in the UK as long as it had an IRS.
  6. Informative stuff, and I learned some more, not realizing there was an 84.5 GT350. But I thought Boss is done due to two year limited production. And that is the point you made: limited production should stay limited. In such a case, a fresh name or label just might be appropriate. Thanks for your input, LaserSVT.
  7. We need to make IRS standard on GTs and up.
  8. There already was a legit/official Shelby GT350, put out by Shelby themselves.


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  9. 85_SS_302_Coupe I know Shelby American built the GT350 in 2011 as a very limited production, but I was suggesting Ford do it in mass production.

    TheRican I would want the IRS only if it has been thoroughly tested. I wouldn't want to have to beef it up to prevent half shaft damage. Ford should be on top of that. Plus, how will Ford reduce weight to maintain a good balance?
  10. I really don't think Ford would do it after Shelby already has, that would be very "Johnny come lately". I doubt you'll ever see another Shelby badged car in the lineup other than the GT500 unless they slap it on a Focus or something stupid like that. If they do another specialty Mustang it'll likely be another Mach 1 or a completely new name.
  11. After the input from LaserSVT, I'm hoping Ford will stop the Shelby nomenclature and go with something fresh.

    I have given it more thought, and to me it makes sense to go with three models and one limited production of a novelty nature. They could offer the regular Mustang, the GT, and the ST. The regular could be a 360hp ecoboost 6-cyl with live axle, the GT could be 450hp V-8 with IRS, and the ST could be a 660hp ecoboost V-8 with IRS. On top of this, in the style of the Mach 1, Bullitt, and Boss, I'd like to see a fresh name now. But for the life of me I can't come up with one. I just think it's appropriate to move onto something fresh to start the new era.
  12. I don't think we'll ever see a turbo engine as the base Mustang engine, especially when the current V6 already makes 300hp. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the new GT came standard with the Ecoboost V6 and the upper end models were the only ones offered with a V8.
  13. You guys are all wrong, here's what it's going to be:

    MPG: An Ecoboost Mustang with a tiny little turbo engine, only available as a manual, and with a ridiculously high gear ratio, something like a 2.55 in it so it'll get 40mpg.
    Stallion: It'll have all sorts of awesome cosmetic changes, including a different steering wheel, tape graphics, etc.
    Cobra: LeMans stripes, a spoiler, better suspension, and cool badges will really set it apart.
    Ralleye: Like the Cobra, but without the LeMans stripes.
    Mach 1: Available only with all of the available engines and transmissions, it will be available in the familiar family of colors with black added along the rockers, and at the back.
    King Cobra: Only available with the biggest and baddest engine of the time, and with an appearance package that will make sure you get noticed.
    Ghia: It will have an interior that will rival a Lincoln, a rust-o-matic (vinyl) top will be optional, as well as smaller quarter windows. Vinyl parking lot impact strips down the side in interior color will be standard.

    You guys may be in denial, but I'm not. That's exactly what happened last time Ford was facing ridiculous EPA fuel economy standards and was downsizing and global-izing the Mustang. I can't wait! It'll sell really well, but only have a short five year run before it's replaced with something worse that Ford spends ten years trying to correct before they get it right, and be universally hated while it's successor is nearly universally loved.

    (For those who don't know, all of those options I listed above were real Mustang II options, except that the MPG in the 1970s wasn't turbo, it just had a 2.3 with a tiny little 1-bbl. carburetor)
  14. I doubt the IRS will be model specific. I am sure all of them will get it.... well pretty sure anyway. Ford is sick of everyone (except Mustang people) telling them the car needs an IRS. I think they learned enough from the 2000 03/04 Cobras as to what needs to be changed to make the rear better. It had a near bullet proof pumpkin, the right geometry and excellent hub design. All it needed was better bushings (due to too much deflection), a brace for the cover of the diff (again because of deflection) and better steel for the half shafts.
    I have seen way too many Cobras making well over 1000 HP on an IRS with no issues doing only those simple things. Delrins, case cover and halfshafts.

    Yes it will weigh more but that isnt a bad thing. That makes the car near 50/50 so its handling is so much sweeter. Drive an 03 Mach and an 01 Cobra and you can feel how much more confident the Cobra is in the turns and the only change between the two is the IRS.

    I kinda see the new Stang lineup being as such the more I think about it:

    Base: I-4 turbo with 220hp and 40mpg.
    Base V-6: with 315 hp and nicer interior
    GT: 5.0 and 425 HP and many option/apperance packages
    Shelby Cobra: 5.8 V-8 and several blower options to go from 580-800hp

    Give it a year or two and then either the Mach or Boss name will be brought back either with a retuned 5.0 or a non supercharged 5.8, that just seems to make sense.

  15. Waaait wait wait wait wait. Wait. Usually i'm on board defending the II, but if you're gonna sit here in front of God and everyone else and say the II was a better car than the Fox, then you sir are absolutely insane. And if God was here he'd tell you the same. The Fox created an entire aftermarket, what has the II done for the automotive industry? And don't tell me it got us through a gas crisis and we wouldn't have a Mustang today if not for the II because that's BS. Ford kept making Mustangs because Mustangs sell. The Mustang is the car equivalent to what the F150 is for trucks. Ford will stop making the Mustang when Chevy stops making the Corvette, which will be sometime around never. The Mayans will come back and reclaim Earth first.
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  16. Huh, figured it would be the other way around for the 4 and 6 motors. Although I guess it makes sense. People are always willing to pay more for a car with a turbo on it from the factory. :shrug:

    As for a TT 5.0 factory? Sounds like Charlie to me. :nice:

    Whenever they are done testing the nose lines and assemble a complete mule I am really interested in seeing just how much smaller it will be. Saying the 5.8 wont fit says a lot as to how much smaller the car will be. Sure there is not GOBS of room for the 5.8 but there is more room left under there (current stang) than an F body with an LS in it.

    I am only excited about all this cause that means the 2012-2013 cars values will drop like rocks in a couple years and I should be able to afford one. :D
  17. Sometimes I wanna kiss you. With tongue. :p

  18. Hmm I with Bill here; the value for the currnet cars will drop like a rock and I can buy me one:D
  19. Me want a Coyote!
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