Pondering 2015 Lineup Options

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Do you want the Shelby or the SVO/SVT labels in the new generation?

  1. Shelby (GT350, GT500).

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  2. SVO/SVT, Cobra.

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  3. Neither--Ford needs to come up with something completely fresh.

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  4. Both--I want the SVO/SVT, Cobra, GT350, and GT500 options or any derivative combination.

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  1. Do not count out a twin turbo 5.0 GT. The new Cobra Jet drag car is a twin turbo 5.0, so that stuff could yet trickle down to the regular 5.0 GT
  2. I just don't see the GT ever getting that kind of power. It would easily be in GT500 territory, so why would they do that? They're not gonna put out a 500hp GT.
  3. IDK, 500 HP is only 75 or so HP away, what with the GT500 packing 662, what is wrong with 500 in a GT?
  4. We'd love it, i just don't see them selling that to the public at the same price they're selling it as now. It's perfectly doable, but i think it would drive the GT into Vette pricing.
  5. Keep it a limited production, like they did with the latest Boss 302. Sell about 1500-2000 a year for 2 years. By keeping the interior bare bones, you save money and don't compete directly with the GT at a similar price point.
  6. What if the GT500 ended up receiving a transplant to a twin turbo Coyote or Roadrunner rather than a screwed 5.4? Heresy?
  7. It don't have a 5.4 in it now and that engine size Ford no longer offers.
  8. I didn't know it was discontinued. When did it switch to 5.8? Was it this year?
  9. That she does.
  10. Call me crazy (I'm used to it), but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw one of these on a Mustang soon.


    Ford's calling it their new "Performance Brand" or somesuch. But the Focus and Fiesta are looking pretty awesome, so I wouldn't mind so much.

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  11. I like the idea of GT and ST model options as it adds uniformity and consistence. The problem is it will have to build a fresh reputation. Not that it can't be done, but with already established names such as GT350 and Boss, consumer buy-in might be slow and may theoretically hinder sales.
  12. True, but Ford will break the bank with advertising for the '15, no doubt. They could, theoretically, "rebrand" the whole Mustang line.
  13. With the right advertising campaign, it will do fine.
  14. In the words of Shelby himself, "The car makes the name; the name doesn't make the car" (paraphrased). If there is a Mustang ST, the name and reputation will hinge on its performance in connection with its marketing.
  15. So this is what happens outside the S197 sections. Good to know.
  16. S197 owners are so dramatic...

    I'm just kidding, of course. Hell, I used to have an S197 myself, 2010 GT, I miss that car.
  17. How the hell does a discussion about the '15 Mustang devolve in to an argument over which was worse, the II or the early Fox's?? They bith sucked but they were also both the right cars at the right time and they both were essential to keeping the Mustang alive.
  18. I think its back on track, lets keep it about the 2015 Lineup options.
  19. I have no idea what the lineup options are going to be, but I damn well know what I want :)
    I want a 2015 Track Pack GT with the following options:
    • an upgraded 5.0 (premium only) factory tune with a linear throttle mapping instead of the current progressive mapping debacle
    • Brembo Brake Package
    • 18x10 - 18x12 factory wheels @ sub 25lbs with quality summer rubber
    • Upgraded suspension FRRP adjustable setup with adjustable camber front and rear and Koni's standard
    • 3.73 rear end and Torsen Limited Slip
    • M6 with upgraded clutch
    • short shift kit
    • Recaro's and limited interior accoutrements
    • -600 lb curb weight from the current GT
    They can call it anything they please, Mustang III, George, GT, SVO, SVT, Cobra, Mach 1, Mach 2, Boss, Like a Boss, etc... it doesn't really matter to me as long as it looks at least semi-identifiably like a mustang. I just think it would be nice if Ford made a factory GT version for the performance enthusiast.