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  1. My first Mustang was a 1964 1/2 2+2 (see attachment). I've owned several (early models) since. A trusted friend of mine has a neighbor with a 2005 Mustang I can pick up for probably $5K. I don't know much about the dark blue 4.0 except it is a one owner vehicle, it's been sitting for several years (in FL) and it has a badge (aftermarket?) on the back (I have a few photos) that says SCT. I assume that's a "tuner" logo. Assuming this car has medium miles and is in good shape, is the price right? Besides the usual questions, is there anything specific to that make model I should ask? Or know about? If I get this ride, I'll be spending a lot of time on this forum. If not, I'll come-and-go like I'm sure so many have. Thanks in advance for any support you provide. JJ

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  2. Hmmmmm.... 20 views, no responses? I guess that typical for this forum. Sure'd be nice to get some feedback.
  3. Ok, I'll chime in. $5k seems like a pretty good deal as long as the car is relatively clean and runs. Is it a stick or automatic? Does it have any upgrades or factory options? How many miles are on it? Since it has sit for a while I would ask him if it would be ok to drive it to a local trusted mechanic (assuming you have one) and have him check it out. That would give you the opportunity to drive it a bit as well.
    The 4.0L was the V6 option that year. Not necessarily know for tremendous performance. From what I've read, assuming it is an automatic, the 4.0L created about 210 engine HP which translates to about 170 at the rear wheels. Like I said, not a real neck snapper. If you were looking to get a Mustang that would live up to the performance heritage, than the '05 V6 is not the car (the newer V6 pony packages run pretty well but the '05's were pretty much created for MPG).
    Yes, SCT is a aftermarket tuner package. They make a good product, I'm just not sure how much it would help the 4.0L V6 - probably not too much. Kinda like putting lipstick on a pig IMO.
    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for the Chime Dan93fox. I live in SC (upstate) and the car is in FL. The owner bought it for her son. He drove it a bit and being a youngen, he probably wanted to add the SCT cos he thought it'd get him a big jump in HP.

    I plan to call the owner today and present the questions you suggest - and others. Once I get the answers, I'll post the results.

    Yeah, I also think hooking up the SCT was like trying to turn a porkchop into a pig.

    Thanks for input.

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  5. Hmmm interesting. Looks like he added aftermarket dual exhaust too - I know my '06 GT has indentations in the rear bumper where factory dual exhaust comes out, which this car doesn't have (not sure how the '05 came). There are also GT emblems on the fenders but the 4.0L was not an option with the GT model. If it were a true GT I think they would be asking for a lot more $ - unless it had a ton of miles on it. Alot going on here

  6. Thanks for jumping in again Dan. According to the VIN (see attached), it's a 4.0. I'm sure you know a boatload more than I do about these matters, so feel free to double check and let me know what you find. My friend is going by the owner's house tomorrow to get more details. My friend (Bruce), said he'd drive it here (about 9 hr drive) and fly back to FL. Bruce visits me often - so it's not unusual he'd make the gesture. I hadn't even noticed the GT emblems. I guess it's possible the "kid" that owned it was into emblems? All show - no go?

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  7. Yep, the T80 stands for standard coupe (as opposed to GT Coupe) and the N stands for 4.0LV6. Guess the kid was just trying to turn a standard V6 coupe into a GT clone. Not as uncommon as you would think. The GT would also have a more performance oriented suspension system. When you get a chance to look it over take a look underneath and see if there is any aftermarket looking suspension wise.
  8. Thanks again Dan. Yep, that's what it looks like. My pal Bruce says it has 125K miles on it and would drive it from FL to SC (near NC border) to deliver it. Still waiting for information regarding stick or auto, interior condition - and a couple other do-dads. If there is aftermarket suspension (which I doubt [badges are cheaper than suspension changes]), should I be concerned? And with the duel exhaust - do you think maybe that's show too - or possibly header change? I know you can't say for sure, but just your experience and/or "gut". Thanks, JJ
  9. No I wouldn't be overly concerned with any mods as long as they are done right - there's all kind of stuff you can do to the V6 models, I just don't necessarily see the sense in it - but to each his own. The dual exhaust is a relatively simple switch - usually just a Y pipe behind the catalytic converter before the rear axle then two mufflers and tail pipes. Hard to believe he would have gone to the trouble of headers and new exhaust all the way back. That's only usually done if someone decides to supercharge (forced air induction) the motor. That would definitely be brought to any potential buyer's attention if it had been done. Here's my '93 LX and my '06 GT IMG_3715.JPG IMG_4306.JPG

  10. Were here, its just that you posted up on Friday and the boys were all wound up for the weekend and likrly already out yo play!
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  12. Thanks for the clarification madspeed. I've been self-employed for the past 40 years, so there really is no such thing as "weekend". Time gets blurry. I'm working today. The only difference is that the phone's not ringing and the emails aren't chiming.

    Here's a photo of your's truly circa 1970.

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    BTW, the profile pic is my and my sister Pam a couple years ago. 1976 FLH.
  13. Ok, heard from the owner and received new photos. Details below. Asking price $5500. Deal or no deal? Remember, my friend will drive it 9hrs from south FL to SC with not charge for delivery. And fly back on his dime.

    Further Details:
    1.123,500 (just had an reg oil change at (123,000. / every 3k like clockwork)

    2. automatic

    3. Great, black leather. Super clean. The dark tint needs replacing or to be removed if your state doesn't allow it as the heat as lifted it off the rear window - common down here

    4. SVC tuner is handheld
    5. The instrument cluster needs to be flashed. Speedo works as does the electronic stuff but the voltage and oil and gas gauge doesn't work. The electronic component gives you miles to empty. There's A company in Atlanta and I have their phone number who will take the cluster and completely reprogram it including the return postage cost for 80 bucks. The brake pads have all been changed including two new calipers and a new rotor less than 200 miles ago - there still is some noise that I'm hearing. But all the brakes were repaired. There was a new water pump and housing installed and it has a lifetime transmission warranty as there was slipping last year and it was completely rebuilt. The engine is solid - no issues whatsoever. Oil has been changed every 3000 miles using Super Tech fully synthetic 5w - 30. I'd be confident going to Alaska and back with the engine.

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  14. The price seems about right but there just seems to be a ton of stuff going on with this car. IMO I'd shop around a bit and see if you can find something a little more local and less complicated. If you can't find something , it will probably still be there. No need to rush
  15. So what did you decide?