ponderings on the "Special Prodution" forum...

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  1. I noticed a while back that there is a Special Production forum. Just now I got the wild hair to finally ask.....does the SVO count as a Special Production Mustang? How about the '79 Indy Pace Car? The "7 Up" convertibles, perhaps? Boss Mustangs maybe? Who could forget the California Special?

    I guess I'm curious as to what made the 35th and 40th anniversay, late model Mach 1, Bullit, Saleen, and Roush Mustangs the chosen "special" prduction in lieu of the other other, MANY SP Mustangs over the years. :shrug:
  2. Because the masses deem them to be more popular and therefor special. The fact that you'll see 100,000 Cobras for every one SVO that you see means nothing to some people. Also if it doesn't make big power then it gets over looked.
  3. Yeah, I know what you're saying, plus all those forums are occupied by the latemodel crowd. Yechh! ;)

    It just seems like a cop-out to me when there are all these model-specific sub-forums for "special" productions when there were so many others and no less than two of them weren't special at all, at least no more special than any other Mustang made in '69, '74, '79, '84, '89, or '94. *cough*(35th and 40th anniversary cars)*cough*

    I dunno, a bunch of those forums don't have more than 8 threads anyway, so maybe it's not worth complaining about. :shrug: