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  1. I wasn't the only person who offered $40 and another guy said maybe $50 was the top price to pay..... but LOL. a year later and you still haven't sold them. They are used floor mats, not aluminum heads. Keep holding out for that extra $10 my friend. My offer still stands. If not, I'll bet you in a year they have another inch of dust on them from sitting on your shelf.

    Good luck with the sale....
  2. $60 shipped to your location
  3. LMAO. I'll give you $42 ;)
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  4. $50 shipped to your location
  5. I'll take 'em. Shoot me an email [email protected] Let me know if you'll take paypal and what your account name there is.
  6. Email sent with PayPal info. Thx
  7. Ok. Payday is next Monday. I'll take 'em and get you the money early next week if you can wait.
  8. Thanks again Chris!! SOLD :nice:
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