ponydown pef twin turbo set up

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by boss man, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. SOLD ponydown pef twin turbo set up SOLD

    SOLD I have a twin turbo set up for sell. Its from pony down performance, it comes with headers, down pipes, two T3 turbos cold side and intercooler. Asking $1500 but will work with price NO LOW BALLERS PLEASE.
    this is not a cheepy ebay product 100% american made, good quality products. for more info shoot me a pm
    not in a hurry to sell just decided to go with diffrent set up, also kit is brand new except for the turbos there off turbo coupes also shipping is like $150
    here is some more info SOLD

    Vehicle: 1979-1993 mustang
    Engine: 302
    Accessories kept: alternator, & p/s
    Other: Must eliminate the smog pump & plumbing, & the a/c using a ford a/c elimination kit

    This stage 2 twin turbo header kit is capable of pushing 400 to 1200 horsepower. This kit includes the passenger header, drivers header with t3 flange.The flanges are all 1/2 thick and all the piping is 16 gauge mild steel.

    * These fit a 302 motor in a fox body vehicle*


    -1 5/8" mandrel primarys
    -1 piece header flange
    -t3 or t4 turbo inlet flanges
    -headers are made from 16g mild steel
    -flanges are 1/2" mild steel






  2. is kit still avail and does it come with oil feed and return lines and what shape are the turbos in
  3. yes its still available... does come with the oil feeds for the turbos but not the lines, the turbos are used but in good condition no shaft play at all.
  4. here is a intalled pic (not this one but same kit)
  5. still have this kit?...
  6. my email is [email protected]. Im very interested, let me know if you still have it. Also do you have all of the silicone connectors and t bar clamps? Chris
  7. pm sent fabfordtech
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