Ponys!!!!!! (PICS)

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  1. Before:


    I love them, the tires I have a BF Goodrich Traction TA 225/55/ H 16. Best looking mod and one of the best suspension mods that I have made.
  2. Lookin Good :nice: Stop by my house and let me see them sometime :banana:
  3. I just love the stock Pony wheels :drool:
  4. yeah that gives it a great stance , when i wanted to do a 8 cylinder conversion i decided not to cuz i thot it wouldnt have a stance like a 8 cylinder

    oh well u probably werent aiming for that

    car looks great tho looks alot meaner
  5. I like the addition of the lamp post too.
  6. Pony's always look good. I love my 5 spoke ponys
  7. Send me the 10 holes.
  8. that looks good. also does your tires rub when you turn and have you noticed if your mpg went down? mine do and they are the same size but they are 60s
  9. Best-looking stock rim ever made, IMO. Lookin' good. :nice:

  10. yep looks good.

    now all you need is a 302 :p
  11. Well here lately I've been getting better MPG than ever before and all I've done was put air in the tires. The last thing before that was install the pony wheels :scratch: Its weird I know :D

    They should rub if you turn them real sharp but I've learned to live with it. Also you can get the rack limiters from Ford that helps them from rubbing for like 5-10.00 I think. Dealing with Ford is a pain, everyone including the front end man didn't know what I was talking about :rolleyes: Its under the handling package for the GTs. I got some about 5 months ago but just to damn lazy to install them :D Keep in mind if you install them you may have to replace the boot clips on the rack or some crap like that. Some of our rack and pinions have non replaceable clips. There cheap also I believe like 5-20.00.
  12. how much air do u put in your tires? i keep about 32 in mine 225/60/16 but im not sure if that is enough
  13. Either set of wheels, the car looks good. Honestly I don't mind '10-Holes' at all..
  14. Its about time you got those on.. Now i see how they will look on my car, I need to get rid of my wheels. I hate them so very much. Those ponys look sweet on there.

  15. i like the ponys more than the 10holes even though I too don'tmind the tenholes....but why do people seem to think there is a big diffrerence between the specs? overall the tire/wheel size doesn't change.
  16. You know those tires are huge for pony rims right?

    Stock tire size is 225/55/16's

    I used to run 245/50/16's when i had my pony wheels.