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  1. anyway to stop um from poping up directly in the center of the page, its pretty annoying. I understang thats what pays for the site
  2. Use Firefox? :shrug:
  3. thats what I have, the older one though, I'll update it, thanks for the tip
  4. I don't know how you guys get pop ups here. I use IE with just the default settings and no pop ups.
  5. Firefox+AdBlock Add-On=problem solved.
  6. +1
    Maybe you have something?
  7. +1. Only when some of the really annoying ones make it through do I notice but the SN gods dont like those kind eaither so they get rid of them. Also running dark fog helps cause it places ads in different places and eliminates the ones that change size or interrupt browsing. :nice:
  8. never had a pop up *knock on wood*
  9. I use safari and IE, and I have not had a pop up from stangnet.

    Update your browser, windows, and anti-virus.
  10. You do realize ads keep the site running, right?