Popping noise from front of car??

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  1. I thought it was from when I put the new rotors and pads on (and painted the calipurs) but now I think it could be suspension related even though it's usually when I'm hitting the brakes. :shrug:

    Looking under the car doesn't show anything broke. The car handles fine and stops okay. Anyone have suggestions on what to check?
  2. When do you hear the noise? When turning and going over bumps?

    I would say Tie rod ends... But more info. would be helpfull if you can give any

    mine went out on me and made a similar type of noise.
  3. Bumps, turning.... it's weird. Most noticable when coming to a stop sign, but also when I go to pull into the garage. It even does it sometimes when I start the car, hold down on the brake then put it in drive. The flex of the car going into gear will make the noise.

    What some signs of the tie rod ends? Should I be able to shake them? And where did you get replacements at and how hard were they to put on?
  4. Go tighten the K-member brace (real tight!). 9 times out of 10, that's what it is.
  5. I'll try that.... the gromets on the brace are old and cracked, but the tie rod ends have newer looking green gromets. :shrug:
  6. could it be a transmission mount since it does it when you sit still and put it in gear?
  7. It sounds like it's in the front end more so then the center.... and it doesn't always do it when I put it in gear. But the noise is getting more prominent during my daily driving now. :bang:

    But I guess i could test the tranny mounts by raising the car and trying it?

    Keep the suggestions coming....
  8. Only thing i can think of now is.... Inner tie rods, but i dont think they will make a pop sound.. I just wanna GET OFF WORK !! COME ON 5pm..
  9. Okay... I'm now leaning towards the damn brakes again. The noise doesn't happen when driving UNLESS I have the brakes pressed during or right before. It's like the pads are sticking and then POP break loose.

    My pedal is pretty mushy. (is that a word? :D ) The new rotors and brakes helped a lot, but now it's right back to a soft pedal just minus the "shutter" from warped rotors. :rolleyes:

    Do you think painting the calipurs on the bottom side might be the reason they might be sticking and not releasing properly? I could grind down the brake pad channel a bit to make sure the pads move smoothly????

    Kinda lost for what to do.... :bang:
  10. Still haven't figured out what it is. Braces seem tight and I don't think it's the tranny as we just pulled it again and put it back in and the same noise is there just like it was.

    Visually and shaking on the front wheels shows nothing. Any ideas on how to test the front suspension to see what it is? I know NOTHING about suspension.... :bang:

    Kinda getting nervous as I don't want something stupid to wreck my car.
  11. front control arms !!

    Mine does the same thing.
  12. Stupid question.... how do you check them?
  13. I'd bet it's the rack bushings. Replace with urethane or aluminum.

  14. My front sway bar has green (urethane?) bushings....

    Got pics of what I'm suppose to be looking for and instructions for how to check them? :shrug:
  15. put another 1/4 to 1/2 turn on the K member brace, mine "felt" tight but I put a little more on them and the noise went away

    my noise happend when I turned into parking spaces or applied the brake in some situations
  16. yeah same too, i had the exact problem, and they said tighten the k-brace, so i torqued teh hell out of it, even though it was tight. i took the car out for a ride after, bam the sound was gone. thats what this site is for, i would have never never thought of that.
  17. Will do guys... thanks! I'll report back and let everyone know. I was just about to give up and take it to a shop. UGH.
  18. Just wanted to say thanks to baglock1, VA302STANG and GreenMustangGt!

    I was under the car and the short black brace that goes under the oil pan was one turn loose on the end by the starter. I tightened the hell out of it and bam... popping noise is gone!

    Gotta love fixing a problem for FREE... :banana:

    Thanks guys!!!
  19. LMAO -- Old post is where I'm at too. Course, I needed pads, rotors, shox -n- struts .. and the 17's and CAI and duals.. but this wheel hub kit, hmmmm I wonder.. the wheel, when held a 3'o'clock and 9 o'clock and shaken right to left had play and a small clunk(weight off ) so I replaced and that clunk still isn't gone.. trying the post suggestion and will update till I kill it or it kills me, by gosh !! Thanks.. a little belated..jb
  20. In order to check for play in wheel bearings, you grab the wheel at noon and 6-o'clock and try to move it. Any play = bad bearings. Grabbing it at 3- and 9-o'clock and trying to move it is only going to reveal any play in your steering rack/tie rods/steering shaft/etc. It's unlikely that your problem is there (unless you have tons of play even with the steering wheel locked). Good luck!