Popping noise when I turn the wheel

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  1. I know this thread has been posted before, but I was wonderig if any new info is avalible on the problem and a possible solution. How many people have had this problem also and what was your mileage when it started,????

    I noticed it around 3,000mi and at 5,500 now, it's gotten worse and more frequent.
  2. tsb 05-9-11, have a new strut bearing and spring isolator installed under warranty.
  3. I just took mine in to have this serviced. The parts are on a long backorder, I guess due to the large amount of 05's having the problem.
  4. Popping

    Per Ford TSB rec'd 04.09.05: 304000 Chassis suspension system

    Special service messages 18461 2005 Mustang popping noise, front of vehicle on turns. 2005 Mustang vehicles may exhibit a popping noise coming from the front of the vehicle in turns. Verify that nosie is coming from the strut bearing or spring with chassis ears. Engineering is currently investigating. No repairs should be attempted at this time. monitor oasis for updates. Effective 03.10.2005

    Mine started when I had less than 1,000 miles. That is why I took it in. I suspect modifications would depend on what if any extended warranty was purchased with the vehicle. I'm going to keep what's there for now and see what Ford's answer will be.
  5. Okay, since my build date is April 5, 2005, maybe I can expect to avoid this problem ... ?
  6. err, i dont think they have a fix for, so probably havn't started fixing pre-built stangs
  7. go back up to my post and click on the link it is the updated tsb with all of the parts that they are replaceing

    BEFORE 4/8/2005
    2005 Mustang
    4. Reassemble the strut and spring. During ISSUE
    reassembly, make sure the lower spring coil is Some 2005 Mustang vehicles built before 4/8/2005
    butted up against the lower spring seat on the may exhibit an intermittent popping noise from the
    strut and the upper spring coil is butted up front of the vehicle while turning left or right. The
    against the upper bearing assembly. noise will typically occur during low speed
    maneuvers and may occur multiple times while NOTE
    On both sides of the vehicle, install a revised upper NOTE
    strut bearing assembly. If the vehicle was built VEHICLE ALIGNMENT IS NOT REQUIRED AFTER
    before February, 2005 it may also be necessary to THIS REPAIR.
    install a lower spring seat isolator if one is not
    already present. Refer to the following Service PART NUMBER PART NAME
    5R3Z-18183-A Strut Mount (Bearing)
    5R3Z-5l302-A Spring Isolator SERVICE PROCEDURE
    W520215S440 Strut Upper Nut
    N807144S440 Stabilizer Bar Nut 1. Remove the strut and spring assembly. Refer to
    W520112S440 Strut To Body Nuts Workshop Manual Section 204-01. W711091S900 Strut Bolt Nuts
    W709870S439 Strut Bolts 2. Disassemble the strut and spring assembly.
    3. If the springs do not have a rubber isolator on WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under Provisions Of
    the bottom spring coil, install isolators. Clean off New Vehicle Limited
    any dirt prior to installing the isolator. The Warranty Coverage
    isolator should be installed 4² (100 mm) from OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME
    the end of the coil (Figure 1). 050911A 2005 Mustang Install A 1.5 Hrs.
    Revised Upper Strut
    Bearing Assembly And A
    Lower Spring Seat Isolator
    On Both Front Struts (Do
    Not Use With 18124A,
    18124AT, 5310A, 5310AT,
    3455A, 3455AT)
    18183 42
    Figure 1 - Article 05-9-11
    NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do
    the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper
    vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a
    Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation
    determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article.The information in this Technical Service Bulletin
    (TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates.The most recent information is
    available through Ford Motor Company’s on-line technical resources.
    Copyright ã 2005 Ford Motor Company PAGE 1
  8. so they are fixing the ones built now?
  9. Yes I Had Mine Fixed And Also Swaped My Springs Out At The Same Time For The Steeda Pro Kit