"Pops-A-Dent" -Good Idea?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by StangVert00, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I have a small dent on the passenger side of my '00 GT'Vert.
    The paint is not chipped, but you can really see it at an angle.
    It looks very similar to those dents you see in those "Pops-A-Dent" ads on TV.
    Has anyone ever used "Pops-A-Dent" before? :shrug: It looks like it would do the job, but I am a little worried about the "glue" that you use to stick the device on your car to work.

    Anyone used this before? If so, what was it like, did it work?
    Please tell us!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. it does work. sometimes it takes more then one try. i pulled a dent that was oval shaped about 5" long and 3" high and a little over a half inch deep on the front fender of mt corrado. but something to remember is that the more you pull on one spot it may pull the paint
  3. If it were mine, I'd look into paintless dent repair. I think that Dentmasters is one of them, or you can find guys that do this at most dealers used car lots working mobile out of vans. Most of them are really good at taking out the kind of dent you described.
  4. dude that pops a dent thing is basically the same thing as they use at professional auto repair shops. i was quite surprised at this but it actually is lol. just be cautious when using it.

  5. where can i buy one at? thanx
  6. Don't use pops-a-dent, ding king, etc....go get it fixed at a paintless dent repair place. It was working for me, but it's too risky. I didn't realize that my dent was disappearing, but the metal was being pulled out beyond the surface.

    Anyways, the outcome was: Dent was gone, but metal was pulled beyond surface making it look worse. What would have been a $100 job tops to repair at a paintless dent removal place is now unrepairable, the metal is stretched, and I'm pissed. I got an estimate of around $300, but they came back and said it was unrepairable. :nonono: