Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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    From classic to well into the future.


    You have been warned. :ninja:
  2. Dafukusay?
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  3. Someone didn't get any tacos today. ^^

    Anyways, UPR suspension, Mickey Thompson drag radials, 3.73 and 400hp hook on the street. Just have to learn how to drive. That's all.
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  4. I'm gonna assume you're not that stupid (although you are American....so it's a gamble) and take that one as a joke. :D
  5. So...it doesn't get to 60?:shrug:
  6. Only during heat waves.
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  7. You guys seriously can't see the Taco Bell sign in the pic? :p
  8. Traction, 232 at the wheels, street radials, stock suspension 4.10's, I could light them on fire in 1st, 2nd and a ways into 3rd if I wanted to, or leave very hard and slightly chirp them, all in throttle modulation. Same car now with 336hp at the wheels, basic suspension, drag radials on stock ponies, 4.10's, I can go full throttle on the street in 1st gear if I roll into it... or I can obliterate then in 1st, 2nd and into 3rd. Again, throttle modulation.
    A/C, Deep Jewel Green coupe, clear windows, Phoenix AZ, 119* in the summer... A/C sure would be nice, but when I bought the car and lived in Maritime Canada, A/C seemed so ridiculous.
  9. CleanLX I agree.

    Here's a story for you. My brothers GT40P car has been into the 11.6s at the track. A local car show had a burnout event and we tossed some 225/60/15s on 10 holes in the car. My brother lined up in the water, and after 4 attempts gave up.

    I assumed it was him (as any competitive brother would) and a few days later I had his car on the street. I did my normal heel on the brake, toe on the throttle, wound it up, dropped the clutch and the damn car wouldn't stand still and do a burnout! It pushed through the brakes every time.

    At the track it has never had an issue doing one, but on this particular set of junk 225 street radials the car just wouldn't do it.

    My car is like yours, on my 285 street tires I can either spin them into 3rd, or get them to hook and pull through the gears. All in the different ways to drive it.
  10. #1 mod to not do right after take out the AC in a black car is GETTING OLD. This applies to the driver or car. Age is not optional, getting old and worn out is.
  11. Define old
  12. Getting rusty, worn out, crusty, useless, crotchety, ugly and unable to learn new things, should all be postponed as long as possible.
  13. So uhm @madmike1157 how old are you because your pretty crotchety and crusty and worn out.
  14. Me or the car? Cars in better shape than I am. :rolleyes: I am crusty,crotchety,worn out,and certain things are probably rusty with lack of use. Damn. I. Am. Old. Who knew it
  15. Are you saying pulling the A/C out of a black on black car makes sense?

    ...or any street car for that matter?
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  16. oxymoron right there